It’s here!

Those of you who follow my weekly posts on Mad Genius Club know I tried something new with the print edition of Vengeance from Ashes (special edition with exclusive material). Instead of going with Createspace or one of the other POD platforms available for indie authors, I tried out the new KDP Print option. I did so with a great deal of trepidation. I don’t like change and I really don’t like […]

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And the latest news is. . .

Late yesterday afternoon, I wrote a blog post for today. No, not this one. It was written with the hope it might turn into one of those situations where “if you say something/do something, the opposite will happen.” In this case, I was continuing to cover the ongoing problems with Amazon, my frustrations, etc., and trying to figure out what my next step should be. While I can’t say all the problems […]

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Amazon tribulations — Day 3. Are they over?

I wish I knew. I am exhausted, frustrated and more than a bit angry over this whole process. You know me. I have been one of Amazon’s biggest supporters, especially when it comes to indie authors. But this week has sorely tested that position. In case you have missed the trials and tribulations, you can catch up here and here. But here is the short version. On April 9th, I uploaded the […]

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A Cautionary Tale Follow-up

I have now basically lost two days of work because of the problems surrounding the publication of Honor from Ashes. I went through some of them this morning and was hopeful that things were going to get better. For a while, they did. However, over the course of the day, I have been in contact with Amazon, specifically with KDP, three times by phone, multiple times by e-mail, and the problem continues. […]

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A Cautionary Tale

(Reposted from Mad Genius Club.) Update at the bottom of the post. Yesterday probably had to be the worst day in my life as an indie author. Release days are always nerve-wracking. Will people buy your book? Will they like your book? Or will they say your baby is ugly and laugh like mean girls? All of that paled into nothingness when I woke to find an email from Amazon telling me they had […]

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It’s the first . . .

and the cries of dismay and disdain have already begun over on the Kindle and KDP boards. Folks are in a panic because they checked into their sales dashboards this morning and — gasp — things have changed. How dare they do that! Oh, wait, you mean I should have read that e-mail Amazon sent detailing changes to how they report and pay out for loans under Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Select? […]

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Where is Chicken Little?

I can’t tell you where Chicken Little is, but I can tell you where his cousins and siblings are. They are hanging around the “Amazon is evil” campfire and on some of the Kindle boards. They are running around, pointing their fingers and crying “foul” over changes to the KDP Select rules pertaining to borrows. Now, I will admit I have some questions about the new program but I also have been […]

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Should you abandon the Smashwords ship?

One of the things I’m constantly advocating to my writer’s group, and basically to anyone who wants to write and who will stop and listen for a few moments, is the need to keep on top of what is happening in the publishing industry. The best way to do this is to keep an eye on publishing related blogs and sites such as Publisher’s Weekly. I also tell folks that, just like […]

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