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On Amazon, Clinton and Reviews

I’ve made no secret of how I feel about Hillary Clinton’s latest book being published on 9/12. I’m not a fan of Clinton to begin with. But for her to have a book come out on the anniversary of the Benghazi attack went beyond the pale. I don’t care if it was her decision or her publisher’s. It was too much. But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about Amazon’s removal of 1-star reviews of Clinton’s book, What Happened.

I don’t know a single author who hasn’t at least considered asking Amazon to remove a review at some point or another. It is no secret that indie authors feel helpless when it comes to having reviews that attack our work and which we feel are from people who haven’t read the book. Nor is it any secret that many of those complaining about Amazon removing reviews from Clinton’s book have been vocal in demanding Amazon remove 1-star reviews that attack books by authors they support.

Here’s my view. If Amazon removed reviews that did not address the contents of the book but were simply attacks on Clinton, fine. I have no problem with that. My issue will come if they don’t apply the same standard when other authors want reviews removed for the same reason. As an author, I can’t support reviews that don’t discuss the contents of the book. As a reader, to be honest, I don’t want to read those reviews either. If you don’t like Clinton — or Trump or anyone else — then take to social media or your blogs to post your opinions of them as people. Don’t clutter up review pages with those attacks unless you have read the book and the attacks are germane to the book’s contents.

I will also admit to being disappointed in some people who are up in arms about Amazon’s response to those reviews when, not that long ago, they were calling for the same action to be taken with regard to reviews of books by conservative authors. That sort of double-standard does not sit well with me. Now, if Amazon is applying a double-standard as well, then it needs to be held accountable.

And this brings up my next point. Amazon is a company, a very large one. When you have a problem with it, understand that the first level of customer support you get probably won’t be able to help you. It doesn’t matter if you are complaining about formatting going wonky on a book you just uploaded or with the removal of reviews. If, as an author, you think you are being unfairly attacked in reviews based on your political opinions and not on the content of your book, don’t just stop at that first phone call or email or chat. Go up the chain of command. It isn’t difficult at all to figure out how to send an email to Jeff Bezos. And trust me, sending an email to his office gets you a response just about as quickly as sending a complaint to the FCC will get you one from AT&T — pretty damned quickly.

Is it an instant response and is it always the response you want? No, but it is better than taking to social media to whine because you didn’t get your way.

Anyway, back to Clinton and the reviews disappearing. I want to see Amazon apply the same standard to all books and I hope they will moving forward. But, for those of you who are upset because reviews by people who 1) hadn’t read the book and 2) were attacking Clinton and not the contents of the book, ask yourselves this: would you want those reviews to stay up if it were your book? Or would you want Amazon to take them down?

Amazon, for your part, you need to be fair in the application of this rule. If you remove such reviews for Clinton’s book, you need to do the same for Milo’s or for Trump’s or for any other book where reviews do not address the contents of the book. If not, then you deserve any criticism about your double-standard.

Now, I need to get to work. Otherwise, I will be tempted to get hold of a copy of the book just so I can review it. Hmmm, maybe I should. I haven’t done a good snark review in a long time and from the excerpts I’ve seen, this book is rife for it.

A Snippet and a Share

Just a quick post this morning. On the writing front, I finally have the opening of Light Magic figured out and the book is progressing nicely (fingers crossed). I should see the updated cover for the expanded edition of Vengeance from Ashes later today. I’ll share as soon as it’s in. This is also my day blogging at Victory Girls. Today’s post is about the latest Rasmussen poll, what it shows about how American voters now view Hillary Clinton and my thoughts about her latest book being released on the 5th anniversary of the attack on our Benghazi compound.

Light Magic has taken some twists and turns since I started visualizing it. The book I thought it would be will actually be the next on in the series. This one will introduce a new main character as well as bringing back some of the favorites from the other titles in the series. Here’s a very brief — and rough draft version — snippet.

Mossy Creek, Texas.

Nothing but a small dot on the map. Or, as I like to think of it, a pimple on the butt of an otherwise great state. So why was I returning to a place I last saw a lifetime ago? Because I gave my word and, while I might be a screw up where most everything else is concerned, I try to keep promises I make to people I care about. But this might prove to be too much, especially for someone like me.

One thing’s for sure. Neither Mossy Creek nor I will be ever be the same.

Now I’m off to write some more. Until later!


Morning dawns

and the world still spins on its axis. The election is over and there are a number of people, from both sides of the political spectrum, staring at their computer screens or TVs and wondering if they are still dreaming. For some it is a nightmare. For others it is vindication. For yet others, it is a sense of “is this real”?

Like so many last night, I stayed up, not quite until the end but well through the reporting of the results. At that point, Donald Trump was ahead in electoral votes but there were still a number of states left to report in, including California and some of the Rust Belt States, states so many of us thought would be solidly in Hillary Clinton’s hip pocket.

Perhaps we should have anticipated things not going how they were supposed to when PA went for Trump. Maybe we should have remembered the warning about the Silent Majority from so many years ago. Instead, many of us across the country and around the world bought into the MSM propaganda and believed Clinton would win, one way or another.

Earlier today, one of the political pundits was asked to explain how the polls had gotten it so wrong. He said he had looked at the over 100 polls taken in the last 10 days. Less than 10%, if I remember correctly, had forecast a Trump win. So how were they so wrong?

That part’s pretty easy to answer and it is something no one has yet addressed this morning. You have to look at who funded the polls, what questions were asked and who was polled. You also have to look at how many people were actually polled. We haven’t heard any of that. And, as a friend pointed out on Facebook, most pollsters miss the Millennials. Why? Because they call landlines and most folks under 40 have moved to cellphone only.

My mother, who is in her 80’s, pointed out something else when we were talking about the election. In Obama’s last term, those receiving Social Security have had several years without an increase in benefits and this year saw an increase of less than 0.5%. To add insult to injury, her payments for Medicare, supplemental insurance, drug costs, etc., have all gone up much more than that pittance of an increase.

Then there are those workers who have watched their jobs being sent overseas. Trump said what they wanted to hear. He promised to do all he could to keep jobs here and to punish companies who took manufacturing jobs out of the country and then imported their goods back in. When you have been out of work for a long time, that is a heady argument to vote for someone.

As I sit here writing this, I’m still in shock. I didn’t like either of the major candidates. I’ll admit I expected Clinton to win. Looking at the latest numbers, even if she had not already conceded, she cannot win the necessary number of electoral votes needed to become president. However, she might become the fifth candidate to win the popular vote but not win the presidency. The last time it happened was in 2000 when Bush defeated Gore.

There is a difference between the two elections, however. In 2000, Gore won more than 500,000 more popular votes than Bush did. The difference in electoral votes was five. Bush had 271 votes to Gore’s 266. There was talk then about needing to change the system but it went nowhere.

This time, the last electoral vote count I’ve seen has 276 votes to Clinton’s 218. That is a much wider margin and shows how Trump took key states, states that had been projected to be firmly in the Clinton camp. States like PA, WI and OH.

The 2016 election will go down in history for a number of reasons. I just hope Trump carries through with his vow last night/early this morning, to unite the country. But, for that to happen, he isn’t the only one who has to make the attempt. We all have to as well. We hold Trump, as President-Elect and later as President, accountable for his actions. We hold members of Congress accountable as well. But we have to hold ourselves accountable as well.

Yes, we have a responsibility too. Part of that is making our voices heard to our Congress critters. Let them know what we feel is important. We have to get off our high horses of entitlement. We have to give up our victimhood. We have to remember that this country works only when we work together. Cooperation, consultation, and calm heads are needed.

Most of all, calm heads.

At the risk of stepping on a few toes, God bless the United States and God help us.

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