A Look Back at Mass Effect and What Went Wrong

Let’s face it, there’s been little doubt Bioware has problems, not since Mass Effect: Andromeda was released. From some of the worst facial animations I’ve seen on a game from that studio (you have to go back to long before the original Mass Effect to find them) to news the Montreal studio was being shut down and merged with a new EA studio in the same town, Mass Effect fans have been […]

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More on ME: Andromeda and future projects

Yesterday, I blogged about my experience and thoughts on Mass Effect Andromeda – PC after the first couple of hours of game play. There are a couple of things I want to add to that post, especially since I have seen a number of reviews wondering what the hell Bioware thought when they made the game. Mind you, these reviews are from sites that I usually find myself, if not completely disagreeing with then […]

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Dishonored 2 – Initial Impressions

I am a gamer. It is one way for me to blow off steam and to escape from the muse when she won’t leave me alone. One of the games I purchased based on a recommendation from my son was the original Dishonored. It took me a while to get into the game. Stealth games aren’t ones I usually do. I’m more of a kick down doors and shoot/stab everything in sight. But, […]

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Just Say No To Sanctimonious Rants – by Kate Paulk

(Kate is my sister from another mother. She is one of the nicest people I know — until she comes across someone climbing on their soapbox without doing adequate research. That is especially true when they are trying to talk about the evils of a bit of coding and they don’t take the time to research the topic. You see, Kate’s 9 – 5 job is to test coding and tell programmers […]

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Revisiting an Old Friend

I love video games. I’ve never made a secret of that. They are what I do in the evening when watching TV with my mother. (Frankly, it is the only way to keep my sanity when she wants to watch her reality TV.) I sit on the sofa with my laptop and am able to do something I enjoy while keeping her company. That’s very important now that she is getting older. […]

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Some thoughts on gaming and a review

I admit upfront that I am a gamer. I got into it when my son was young and all his friends were getting game systems. We started with a used NES — and I wish I still had it. Over time, we graduated to the Playstation and then the PS2 and XBox. Well, you get the idea. The reason I started gaming was simple. I viewed games like I did the movies […]

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Random Thoughts

It’s Monday and my brain wants it to be the weekend still. There isn’t enough coffee to get it jump started which is a problem because I have a to-do list as long as I am tall. One part of that list is to blog. So, instead of trying to tackle anything too heavy today, I thought I’d link to a couple of articles I found and make a few comments. Hopefully […]

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