Some weekend thoughts

Yay! It’s the weekend. That means time to do more remodeling and writing and editing and . . . wait, that sounds like what the week has been like. I thought weekends were for putting your feet up and relaxing. Hmmm. Maybe I’m doing this weekend thing wrong. Or not. You see, I enjoy the remodeling stuff and the writing. The editing, not so much. At least not when I’m editing my […]

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Halloween Reads and More, pt. 4

I’m expanding the list this morning to include a couple of my favorite Halloween movies. As with the books, there will be some scares as well as some laughs. Hope you enjoy. Let’s start with the movies. Halloween (This is the original movie, directed by John Carpenter and staring Jamie Lee Curtis. It was, if I remember correctly, Curtis’ first starring role and lead to her being dubbed the Scream Queen. It’s […]

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Halloween Reads, Pt. 2

Yesterday, I posted links to some Halloween reads I’ve enjoyed, as well as a couple of my own. I’m going to continue doing so through Halloween. I hope you enjoy these books as much as I did. Some may be funny, some mysterious and some spooky. But all have stories I enjoyed. ConFur (The Vampire Con Series) by Kate Paulk A vampire at a science fiction convention might not seem that far-fetched […]

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Halloween Reads

Halloween is just around the corner and whether your taste in reading runs to the truly scary, funny scary or something in between, there are a number of books out there for you. Over the next couple of days, I’ll be highlighting some books I’ve enjoyed as well as some of my own books (I know, but a writer’s got to promote). First up are a couple of books by Kate Paulk. […]

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Witchfire Burning is now live!

Witchfire Burning (Eerie Side of the Tracks Book 1) is now live. Long before the Others made their existence known to the world, Mossy Creek was their haven. Being from the wrong side of the tracks meant you weren’t what the rest of the world considered “normal”. Normal was all Quinn O’Donnell wanted from life. Growing up on the “wrong side of the tracks”, she had been the only normal in the family. […]

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Witchfire Burning

I’ve discussed before the novel that demanded it be written. Okay, I’ve had several like this but this particular one was very loud and would not sit on the back burner after I made enough notes that it should have been quiet. What made this particular novel interesting in that infuriating kind of way is that it didn’t have a title. Usually, I know the title of a book by the end […]

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Indie Author Beginning of Summer Sale

Need something new to read for the long weekend? Looking for a new series to start or want to discover a new author? Check out the following e-books. Of course, the standard disclaimer applies. Always check the price before clicking the purchase button. Some of these books are already on sale and others will go on sale over the next 24 hours. (Updated to include two new titles.)   *** Stardogs By […]

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Awesome review

Cedar Sanderson, one of my cohorts over at Mad Genius Club, published a review of Slay Bells Ring yesterday on her blog. I always hold my breath when Cedar, or anyone else for that matter, reviews my work. Like most writers, I am my own worst critic. The means I halfway expect an honest reviewer — which Cedar is — to see all the faults I do, even if many of those faults […]

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A snippet and a sale

Later this week, Slay Bells Ring, a romantic suspense novel written under the pen name Ellie Ferguson, will be released. I’ve posted a couple of snippets before but thought I would re-post them, especially since some changes (minor for the snippets) have been made. Now, for the usual reminder. This snippet, as with everything on the site, is mine and is copyright 2015.  I’d also like to remind everyone of the Indie Author […]

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Halloween Sale – Day 4

(Reposting from Mad Genius Club) (Updated @ 1130 hrs) It’s the time of ghouls and goblins and things that go bump in the night. Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. To celebrate this year, some of the Mad Genii and friends are taking part in a limited time sale of some of their work. (Be sure to confirm the prices before purchasing. All titles should be on sale but Amazon doesn’t […]

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