Once the draft is done

When I first started thinking about writing seriously, I did what so many new writers do. I read every blog post, every article and every How-To book I could get my hands on. Some of the information was good. Some was so obviously bad or out of date, it could be tossed aside without consideration. But then there was that information writers I had heard of or who I read gave that […]

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Monday Morning Gahs

The NaNo project — you know, the book that I hadn’t planned on writing because I already had one I had to do this month — as well as the other book I’ve been working on have gotten little attention over the last few days. Total word count is less than 1000 words. That doesn’t mean I’ve been lazing around, eating bonbons. Far from it. The last two days have been spent […]

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On editing, rewrites and when stories take a left turn

Since the first of the year, I’ve been periodically posting snippets from Vengeance from Ashes, a science fiction novel I’d been working on. I’d posted probably close to a quarter, maybe a bit more of the novel when the snippets stopped. It wasn’t because the book was ready to go to my editor. I wish that were the case. No, they stopped because I realized the book had gone off-course. (I was, […]

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Indie concerns

(Today I’m mirroring a post I did for Mad Genius Club this morning. I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post.) Sarah is still feeling under the weather thanks to a virus that has made the rounds of her family. She pushed her luck by quipping that she thought she’d managed to escape it. Of course, that meant she was next to fall ill. So she asked me to fill in for […]

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