When a book becomes a series — Honor and Duty

Now to series number three — Honor and Duty. This is the one set of books I knew would be a series. The initial plan was that it would be two books, maybe three. I wanted to do a story arc that took the main character, Ashlyn Shaw, from betrayal to redemption. I wanted it to be a mix of space opera and military science fiction. What I didn’t expect was that […]

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Honor from Ashes Pre-Order

Honor from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 3) is now available for pre-order. Release is set for April 18th. War isn’t civilized and never will be, not when there are those willing to do whatever is necessary to win. That is a lesson Col. Ashlyn Shaw learned the hard way. Now she and those under her command fight an enemy determined to destroy their home world. Worse, an enemy lurks in the shadows, […]

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I’ve been head down at the keyboard, doing my best to catch up on not only my writing but the editing projects that have been backlogged for much too long. The writing is back on track, fortunately, and the editing is getting there. I’m hopeful that everything will be caught up within the next two weeks. In the meantime, Slay Bells Ring will be going live for purchase later this week as […]

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To write or not to write

Well, once again we woke to rain in the DFW area. If this keeps up, by the time the weekend is over, we will have had as much rain so far this year as we had all of last year. The upside of all this is that it is helping our lawns and, even more important, is filling bringing the drought to an end. The bad part is, when you have had […]

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Man, this has been a long week. Long but productive on a number of different fronts. While no writing has gotten done but I had the pleasure of editing — not that much was needed — Cedar Sanderson’s next novel, Dragon Noir. More on that in a bit. I also have been re-reading both Vengeance from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 1) and Duty from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 2), building […]

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What I’m up to now

As you guys know, I got bitten by a book I hadn’t planned on writing. In a way, that’s a bad thing because I really needed to be working on something else. In another way, it was good because the other project just wasn’t happening for me. So I put it to one side for several weeks and the fantasy novel came pouring out. That is a good thing, not because I […]

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Review of Duty from Ashes

(I don’t usually do this but this review by Cedar Sanderson of Duty from Ashes has me smiling this morning. Second books in a series are always hard — at least for me. You have to keep the action going, making sure you pick up the threads from the first book but you can’t finish the story line because there is another book planned. That means you push the threads forward, maybe […]

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More publishing news

I want to start by thanking everyone who has purchased a copy of Duty from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 2). It has been out approximately two weeks and I am more than pleased with the sales. So thanks to everyone who has bought the book and to those who have helped spread the word about it. Special thanks to CS for helping me clean up the editing fiasco caused by the […]

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A new book, NaNo and more

I didn’t blog yesterday because real life interfered. Part of it simply boiled down to still de-stressing after the upset of Friday. Part was because a large part of the morning and then early afternoon was spent doing one of my least favorite things on earth — shopping. At least no malls were involved. But much money is now gone as I finally gave up trying to breathe new life into the […]

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This should be a good day

By all rights, I should be enjoying today, at least as much as any writer can when a book finally hits the digital shelves. Duty from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 2) is finally live on Amazon. I want to thank everyone who pre-ordered a copy and hope you enjoy it. I’ll admit that I always have doubts about my work. Is it good enough? Will they like it as much as […]

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