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Well, the world hasn’t ended yet

A little housekeeping first. The next two weeks will see me head down in the final edits and prep of Light Magic for its scheduled release date of Feb. 6th. Because of that, I’ll be blogging here but there will be some reposting of past blogs or posting of snippets. Don’t worry, though. If anything breaks in the news about current events or the publishing industry that I feel moved to comment on, I will.

Today, I’m going to do my best to keep my temper under control. I’m a military mom. A proud military mom. My son is active duty and is a victim, like all members of our military and so many other federal employees, of the current political tug-of-war going on in DC. When are we, the voters, going to say “Enough!”?

It isn’t monetary concerns holding up the budget. It’s social concerns, namely DACA and related issues. Yes, those are important issues but not so important that we put the smooth running of our government — muchless the safety of our country — at risk. Continue reading

Is it safe to come from under the bed?

The last few days have been interesting in the proverbial sense of the word. The president is once again being labelled as racist for something he may — or may not — have said in a private meeting. A traitor to our country, one who has even less understanding of OpSec than HRC has filed papers to run for the US Senate. If that’s not enough to make you want to hide under the bed until the insanity is over, you have the false alarm that went out to residents and tourists in Hawaii that warned of an incoming ballistic missile. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be very careful peeking out from under the bed today.

I’ll admit, there is little that comes out of President Trump’s mouth — or his Twitter account — that surprises me. Over the last year, I’ve come to think he isn’t so much a buffoon (although the jury is still out) as much as he is a master at trolling the media. Is he crass? Sure, but that’s not a crime. But, like him or not, he does get things done.

Nor am I terribly upset if he did call certain countries a “shithole”. Could he have used better language? Sure. But he’s not the first person to sit in the Oval Office to be crass, brash and socially unacceptable at times. However, there is a very real question about whether he actually said it. Dick Dubrin, the Democratic senator from Illinois, is the main voice accusing the president of using such language. My first issue is with Durbin “leaking” the story. I doubt any of us don’t see he was trying to use it to score political points and to try to derail the president’s negotiations on immigration and DACA. However, there is more to my concern. As noted in the Daily Wire and other sources, Durbin has a history of making up statements from private White House meetings.” Yet, where is the MSM in pointing this out or in questioning Durbin and others about what happened? Funny, how they are largely silent, choosing instead to go with the inflammatory language the president allegedly used, making it seem as if it is proven beyond any doubt he said what Durbin alleged.

And the MSM wonders why people are turning from them as our sources for news and information.

The story that sent my blood pressure through the roof was this one. I’m not going to spend a great deal of time on it because Toni Williams said much of what I would. However, the though of Chelsea Manning, traitor, holding any office — even dog catcher — turns my stomach. She proved she didn’t respect OpSec or chain of command or her oath to the United States by her own admitted actions. It terrifies me to think of what harm she could do to our country were she elected. This person needs to be in prison, not running for office.

Finally, there was the “oopsie” out of Hawaii. A little after 8:00 yesterday morning, a tweet went out to residents and tourists warning of a ballistic missile incoming on the island and urging everyone to take shelter. As if getting the tweet wasn’t bad enough, the warning went out on TV and radio as well. It went out as if it were a real occurrence and not as a test. Making matters worse, it took approximately half an hour to get the correction issued. Yes, there is an investigation (several of them on both state and federal levels) underway. But that doesn’t help ease those shattered nerves from yesterday. But what is really of concern is that this false alarm will mean, should the alert really have to be used some time in the future, there will be those who ignore it because of what happened today. Not good. Not good at all.

So, pardon me while I stay under the bed — well, I might move onto the bed, but I’m going to keep the covers over my head — until tomorrow.


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