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Cover Reveal

Here it is. I’m so excited!

And, as noted yesterday, the release date for the expanded, special edition is October 17th.

Getting back in the swing of things — slowly

After finishing a project, it usually takes me a week or so to catch up on things like sleep, cleaning, etc. That’s been true this time as well. Of course, Dagger of Elanna (Sword of the Gods Book 2) isn’t quite finished as a project. I still have the print version to finish putting together. But that is something I can do while working on the next project, Nocturnal Rebellion. Better yet, I know that I’m about ready to start back writing Rebellion.

How do I know?

That’s simple. I spent the morning digging through my office, clearing off the desk, cleaning and putting away all the research, etc., that I’d used on Dagger. Now the desk is clean and everything is set for me to sit down and get back to Challenge.

Of course, as I noted in yesterday’s post,I’ve also been hit with the basic plot ideas for the next 3 or 4 titles for the Eerie Side of the Tracks series. Plus, the basic draft for Victory from Ashes is done. Everything looked great when I posted that and I felt sure Myrtle the Muse would let me work according to my schedule.

She still might. . . but. . . .

Last night, Sarah A. Hoyt messaged me. It seems she had been hit with an idea for a cover and it wasn’t something she had planned. She told her muse, it must be one of my books. So she put this together.

I’ll be honest. I love this cover. It absolutely fits for the next novel in the Eerie Side series. Of course, it also means that book is starting to get loud. The fact it can’t be written quite yet doesn’t mean a darn thing to Myrtle the Muse. At least Mac and Company are louder right now than Myrtle and all the rest of it.

Anyway, I’m off to relax after digging out the office. Back later.

To write or not to write

duty from ashesWell, once again we woke to rain in the DFW area. If this keeps up, by the time the weekend is over, we will have had as much rain so far this year as we had all of last year. The upside of all this is that it is helping our lawns and, even more important, is filling bringing the drought to an end. The bad part is, when you have had as many knee So,surgeries as I have had — not to mention the shoulder that has been rebuilt — there comes a time when all this humidity and weather change gets to be more than a bit painful. When the knee, and even the hip, hurts, it can be dealt with and I can still write. But when the shoulder starts acting up, writing becomes more problematical, especially since I’m at the start of a project and tend to spend more time at the keyboard at any one stretch.

However, it is forcing me to tackle something I have been putting off. There is some part of the writing process or business each of us tends to avoid as long as possible. With me, it is putting together the print files for my books. I know I shouldn’t. Heck, I have it pretty much down to a science any more. But it is still tedious and i would rather be writing. Still, this is a good time to push the new print editions out so I have them for LibertyCon next month.

Of course, making things a bit more challenging is the fact my beloved ROG laptop is on the fritz. I’ve already had Square Trade approve my claim and send me the box to send it in. My problem — and something that is making me wonder if I really want to do it this way or if I want to go ahead and find someone local to look at it — is that ST requires me to send recovery discs with the laptop when I send it in. Now, just how many computer manufacturers supply recovery discs these days? Asus sure as hell doesn’t. Like so many others, they have a recovery partition on the HD. So, I’ll be touching base with Square Trade later this morning to see if that is sufficient or if I have to actually make recovery discs and, if so, are we talking just the OS or full file and driver recovery as well.

So today is looking more and more like one of those days where I have to be the responsible writer instead of the creative one. Still, I do have a new cover for Duty from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 2) that will be going live on Amazon later today/tomorrow and will be used as the cover for the print version of the book. Many thanks to friend, mentor and sister from another mother, Sarah A. Hoyt, for the design.

On edits and covers and brains not wanting to play

Today’s my day over at Mad Genius Club. You can check it out here.

I’m on the downhill side of the edits for Sword of Arelion and I hope to finish some time today. Of course, the fact that I am finding everything I can to do except edit, I don’t guarantee it. So far, I’ve done some cleaning around the house, brushed the dog, carried out the trash and spent a few minutes playing with cover images. Those of you who are regulars here know that covers are not my forte. I usually leave that to folks better qualified to do them for me. But, well, when I don’t want to edit, I commit cover.

I’ve posted one possible mock-up here before.

Portrai of mystic  elf woman with sword, armor and tattoo on her hand.

I like the image but it is a bit dark, especially when you look at it in thumbnail. So, since I decided not to use a pen name for this book, I thought I would see what another of the images I bought at the same time might look like.


I know the text still needs work, a lot of work, but I think I like this image better. Now to keep myself away from GIMP and playing with it until I finish the edits.

BTW, I got these images and one other in the series off of Dollar Photo Club. The artist is Vladimirs Poplavskis and you can find his portfolio here.

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