Putting Butt in Chair


Just a quick post this morning. The knee injury has, as I’ve said before, impacted my writing. I’ve tried finding ways to work around it but I’ll be honest. I haven’t tried as hard as I should have. Or as I could have. That ends today. I’m going back to turning off social media for the “work day”. The only exceptions will be lunch and “coffee breaks”. I’m settled into one of […]

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It’s beginning to look a lot like. . .

all those other holidays when something goes wrong. It has been a running joke in the family for a number of years now that the sink will back up or the dishwasher overflow or something similar will happen over the holidays. It almost invariably happens either during dinner prep or the cleanup afterwards. I’ve become quite adept at removing the u-joint and cleaning the trap under the kitchen sink. In fact, as […]

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Further adventures of demon kitten

DK, also known as Demon Kitten or Brat, is a good cat — when he’s sleeping. At other times, he is either demanding love or doing his best to drive me insane. He is the first cat I’ve had where I can truly say he is a dog in cat’s clothing. He acts like a dog in many ways, which would make sense in an odd sort of way if we still […]

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