Barnes & Noble misses the mark yet again

bn columbia mall

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about Barnes & Noble here. Usually, when they’ve done something that catches my eye, I save it for Mad Genius Club. However, I came across an article this morning that simply begged for me to write about it today. I found it almost immediately after reading about the Bay Area losing another B&N store and after hearing that Len Riggio bought up another million shares in […]

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It’s doing what?

(I’m going to steer clear of the Brexit vote today. Not because I don’t have things to say but because there is so much hand wringing and head shaking and doom-saying that I have already had enough of it this morning. I’ll have something to say, probably next week. Besides, BN has made a couple of announcements that have me shaking my head and wondering what the heck is going on.) I […]

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Happy Dance and more

I promise I’m not going to keep flooding the blog — and my Facebook feed — with news about Vengeance from Ashes. But I have to do a happy dance this morning. Like so many authors, one of the things I do on an all-too-frequent basis is check my sales and Amazon standing. Doing so with this book, however, has been more than a bit traumatic, mainly because the book is different […]

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