You know it’s Monday when. . .

you wake up and realize that you forgot to make a call the day before because you forgot what day it was. Yep, I did that. All weekend long, I’d been a day off — as in thinking Saturday was Friday, etc. I blame the scheduling, or should I say re-scheduling, of several regular appointments during the week. The reschedules were necessary, but man did they throw a wrench into things. But […]

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Speak up. Don’t hide your voice.

(Before I get started, let me begin with an apology. I was laid low by a bug that just wouldn’t go away. This was one of those insidious bugs that not only makes you feel like crap — and that’s being nice — but that also saps away all your energy and the ability to think. I’m better now and ready to get back into the swing of things.) Now, on to […]

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Food for Thought

I have a raging headache this morning and am waiting for the A/C repairman to get here. The headache isn’t because of the A/C. No, it is because of the beating of my head against the wall the last few days as I’ve read — and all too often responded — to posts at According to Hoyt. No, I don’t disagree with what Sarah has written. Far from it. It has been […]

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Monday morning musings

The caffeine is slowly, oh-so-slowly starting to wind its way through my veins and life is gradually returning to my body. The morning paper has been read and email has been looked at. Thus starts the morning blog crawl before getting to work. The first thing to catch my eye is notice that Houghton Mifflin Harcourt will be filing bankruptcy. For those familiar with HMH, this shouldn’t come as any surprise. They […]

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Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone – by Sarah A. Hoyt

(Thanks to Sarah for letting me repost her blog today. I hope you enjoy.) I often talk about how I was influenced by Heinlein.  What I don’t mention is that the only books of his that could even vaguely be considered juveniles which I could find translated into Portuguese in the early seventies (which doesn’t mean that the others weren’t translated, only that I could no longer find them.  Portuguese book business […]

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Life interferes

There will be a snippet, but it will be later today, probsbly this evening. Life this week has been anything but conducive to working, and that includes today. In the meantime, if you haven’t heard about the malware attack on Kris Rusch’s site, or if you haven’t read the very important post she had just put up, go on over to According to Hoyt to see it. (

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(no title)

A couple of days ago, Sarah A. Hoyt’s post Bring Back That Wonder Feeling got a lot of people, yours truly included, thinking. The basic gist of the post (and this is just scratching the surface of it. Please, go read it yourselves) is that much of science fiction, and even fantasy, has lost that sense of wonder it once had. Too much is either dystopian or politically/socially correct claptrap stories. Looking […]

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