History: Helping Understand Today

History: Helping Understand Today

I have a guest post up at According to Hoyt this today. When I sat down to write it, I did so with one purpose in mind — to explain why I’d chosen State and Revolution by Vladimir Lenin as the next book to review for the blog. I’ll admit, part of it was because I couldn’t take starting another long book review on yet another book about the 2016 presidential election. […]

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On minimum wage issues, writing and more

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First things first, I have a post up at Victory Girls about the impact of the new minimum wage laws on franchisee holders and, as a result, on their employees. One of the things that has always bothered me when it comes to mandatory wage increases is that too many people don’t consider the impact those increases will have. They don’t think about how it means a rise in cost to the […]

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Light Magic and the Evil Muse

Moving from one writing project to another isn’t always a smooth process. That is especially true when, like me, you have an evil muse. Myrtle, my own particular evil muse, loves to torment me by giving me the basic plot of a book but multiple ways to start it. I swear she does it because she knows it will drive me crazy. But I guess that’s better than having no idea how […]

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Busy, Busy

The title says it all. The last 24-hours have been very busy. Between work around the house (mainly painting), getting started on Light Magic (the next book in the Eerie Side of the Tracks series) and blogging, I felt like I was meeting myself coming and going. The results are more than satisfying, however. Of course, Myrtle the Evil Muse being evil, the opening of Light Magic changed from what I thought […]

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Hump Day!

Before we get started, I want to thank everyone who bought Battle Wounds on its launch day yesterday. I have a favor to ask of all of you. Once you’ve had a chance to read it, please leave a review on Amazon. Those reviews help more than you realize, not only by giving authors feedback but by letting others know what others readers thought about the story. I have a guest blog up at […]

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An update, a few thoughts and a little promo

Although not necessarily in that order. Yesterday really got away from me. To start, I had two blog posts up. One at Mad Genius Club and one over at According to Hoyt. Whenever I wind up blogging on the same day at both sites, I figure any controversy will arise at ATH. That is where I can talk about things non-publishing related. Yesterday was no different. I wrote about my experiences travelling […]

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Special Types of Entitled by Kate Paulk (reposted from ATH)

(this is a repost from According to Hoyt) SPECIAL TYPES OF ENTITLED – KATE PAULK Apparently kicking back at the idiocy of the Social Justice Warriors brings the really special entitled ones crawling out from under whichever rock they were hiding under. That or there’s just something in the air at the moment. Or maybe the water. The first round of really special entitlement came from According to Hoyt on Saturday’s post, […]

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Monday Morning Gahs

The NaNo project — you know, the book that I hadn’t planned on writing because I already had one I had to do this month — as well as the other book I’ve been working on have gotten little attention over the last few days. Total word count is less than 1000 words. That doesn’t mean I’ve been lazing around, eating bonbons. Far from it. The last two days have been spent […]

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An Interview with Christopher Stasheff by Cedar Sanderson

(In an effort to boost the signal for an author whose works I have long enjoyed, I’m echoing Cedar Sanderson’s interview of Christopher Stasheff from According to Hoyt.) I made my first professional appearance at Millennicon this weekend. In between panels, walking through the halls, I happened to glance at the name tag of the passing man. I did a doubletake, then caught my First Reader, who was serving as my escort, […]

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If it’s Tuesday. . .

I’m a day late. I really did intend to get back here yesterday to do a blog post. Unfortunately, life didn’t cooperate. This year, so far, has seen life doing its best to kick me in the teeth. Well, no more. I’ve dug in my heels and stomped my foot — hard to do at the same time, believe me, especially when you’re a klutz like me — and told life to […]

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