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Here I sit, without enough caffeine in me, wondering if I have the energy to go fix my next mug of coffee. I didn’t get a snippet posted yesterday because we had a minor emergency that needed to be dealt with. Nothing major–hence the minor–but we came face-to-face with the supply chain problems caused by Covid. To say it’s frustrating is putting it mildly.

Pretty much every Saturday starts the same way. After I stumble out of bed, I push caffeine to get ready to take Mom to get her hair done. No biggie, right? So I thought until Mom was getting in the and told me she’d broken her glasses trying to put them in her purse. I didn’t groan and I didn’t curse, but I wanted to.

You see, since she started having to use a cane to walk about six months ago due to back issues, Mom gave up her huge assed purses and went with a little bitty clutch with a shoulder strap. The problem is, she still tries to stuff it to the gills and doesn’t use a case for her glasses. One of the ear pieces snapped off.

Yep, snapped off. The screw didn’t come out. The hinge didn’t break. The fucking earpiece broke where the hinge sits. I did curse when I saw that. But what’s a good daughter to do? I took her to get her hair done and then to Target where she’d bought the frames two years ago.

Problem number one: the frames have been discontinued. The computer system said they had them in stock in some faraway warehouse but it also said there was one in stock at the store which there wasn’t. Problem two: the RX on file is more than a year old–by a month. So we couldn’t just get a new pair of lenses made and put into new frames. Which brings us to problem three. Even if we get a new RX tomorrow and get it up to Target, it will take at least 10 days to get them back because of lack of supply and lack of nearby lab.

Yes, I could take Mom elsewhere but this is where she’s comfortable. And, at close to 90, you don’t make waves if you don’t have to. So, for the moment, she is wearing the glasses, fixed by a judicious amount of tape. Hopefully, we can get the new RX tomorrow. It shouldn’t be a problem because she saw the eye doctor just a month or two ago. Then it will be a question of if I have to go to Dallas to pick it up or if he can fax it to Target.

In the meantime, we ordered the pair of frames that may or may not be sitting in the warehouse in some faraway place and are crossing our fingers we don’t get a call in a day or two saying “Oops, we goofed”.

So, by the time that was taken care of, I forgot about the snippet. I’ll post one tomorrow. For now, there are a couple of other things to deal with. First, I played around some last night with images, etc., for promo pieces for Victory from Ashes. This is still a work in progress, but here’s one of the two I did.

Next up is something some of you may have already guessed. I’ve teased a new series set in the Nocturnal Lives universe. Along those lines, I posted what may be the cover for the first story in the series.

The figure on the cover will change. It isn’t representative of the main character who, thanks to my evil muse, has changed during the development of the series background. Yes, it will take place AFTER Mackenzie Santos’ main story line. Mac will–probably–be included as a supporting character. But the new series will focus on the next generation (or later) with new plots (and twists) and new bad guys to deal with. The world is a much different place than we’ve seen in the Nocturnal Lives books. Look for these to begin dropping sometime next year.

Finally, I had a new novel drop on me last night. I have got to stop looking for cover or promotion images. It gives Myrtle the Evil Muse ideas. Here’s the image that got her going this time. Can you guess what she wants to write with this?

Now it’s time to get to work. There are stories to write and editing to be done.

Until later!

Featured Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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  1. I’m afraid that to me that image says ‘Kung Fu wizard*, except with a western flavor of world building’.

    Mainly because that has been most of my fiction reading recently. I think that picture would probably fit a much wider range of stories.

    Very evocative, develops mood nicely. Thank you for sharing it.

    *I use this phrase often when I refer to a xianxia style cultivator, because the latter words don’t explain the concept at all if you are not already familiar.

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