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Yes, yes, I should be writing. What I’m finding is that these blog entries are acting like writing prompts of a sort and are helping kickstart the morning fiction. They are also helping lower my frustration level, something that also helps start the writing process. I will also finish up the posts about how I found myself writing a bunch-a-ton (yes, that is a word) of series without meaning to. That post should come out tomorrow.

Yesterday, I did a post over at According to Hoyt about how, if you demand equality — and it doesn’t matter who you are and what equality you are demanding — you have to take it all the way across the board. If that means equality in the military, you have to be ready to find yourself lining up for the draft along with the young men who already have to register, for just one example. It also means that you should not expect the requirements for jobs to be lowered just so you can qualify. The only time those qualifications should be lowered is when it is proven they are too high for the performance of that job and the new requirements still mean everyone who passes can go above and beyond what is expected because we have to prepare for the unexpected.

Today, I’ve seen a number of posts on various social media outlets shaming people who don’t believe how the OP believes they ought to. One was putting white shame on someone, along with a healthy dose of misogynistic accusation. No proof for the accusation was offered, other than the fact the person being accused was male, white and of a conservative bent in his postings. But that, you see, is wrong-think, at least according to the OP.

That’s fine. We live in a country where freedom of speech allows us to say what we want. Oh, wait, it doesn’t. At least not where a certain mindset of people are concerned. These people, like the OP, have no problems threatening the “wrong thinkers” with everything from trying to get them fired from their jobs to blackmailing them with telling their friends, family and customers how evil they are because of what they post on social media.

Yep, blackmail. Something that is against the law in every state in the Union. Something that forces someone to do something against their will or else something dire will happen. The so-called forward thinking sect has no problem with doing this to those they don’t agree with. Not just in the publishing field but everywhere. In the case I saw today, the person the OP was attempting to shame into changing his ways and deleting the offending comments from social media is not a writer but someone who works in the entertainment field.

In another post, the OP (a different one) was doing their best to shame all cis-gendered people. You see, according to the OP, if you are cis-gendered (or maybe it was just cis-male) you are born with a prejudice against those who are transgendered. Like the Catholic belief in Original Sin, this is the new and improved version (right along with white shame and male shame — does that make it the triumvirate of shame?) According to the OP, there is no way anyone who identifies as cis-gendered can be anything but prejudiced against those who are transgender and the only way we can be true friends to the transgender community to is accept this sin in ourselves and perform whatever it takes to drive this prejudice from ourselves.

So, yet another believer of the sect of moral superiority through self-identification speaks and makes a blanket condemnation of another portion of the population simply because that other portion is different.

Then there are those — and, yes, I know they are a not a huge number of people — who not only advocate the seizure of legally owned firearms but who have openly said the government should have a hit list of those who own guns, those who belong to the NRA and those who support gun rights. Those people, according to this particular sect, should die and the more painful the death, the better. Forget about the fact these are the legal gun owners they are targeting. Forget about the fact that such seizures wouldn’t stop gun violence because, guess what, boys and girls, most of gun-related crime is not committed by legal gun owners.

Not that such logic will sway the sect of the perpetual butt-hurt.

Yes, sect. This sort of thinking has become almost a religion to so many people — from the right, left and middle. You said something I don’t like. You just remove it an apologize for the rest of your life for your wrong-think or I will do everything in my power to prove you are evil. EVIL!

We are raising a generation of special egos, many of whom have never felt a negative consequence for their actions, no matter what those actions might be. Ethan Couch, better known as Affluenza Boy, is an example of what can happen when parents forget they are supposed to parent. Too many are willing to abdicate that role, expecting school or church to fill it in their kids’ lives but then not letting those institutions step up. There is always some academic who thinks it harms a child’s psyche by grading their papers and letting them see they aren’t the best at something. We will have a generation of mediocrity where feelz are more important that the actual doing.

Well, I, for one, have grave concerns for this country I love should this trend continue. I’m not sure what the ultimate solution will be but I know it starts with this election cycle. Maybe not on the national scale but on the local. The local scale where I can have an impact on what happens in my city and in my school district. The state level where I can let my voice be heard in the governance of the great Lone Star State. Yes, we have some crazies here, but so does every other state. At least most of our crazies err on the side of the individual. I will take that any day over higher taxes so everyone can go to college. (Guess what, Bernie, not everyone is suited for college and not everyone needs to go to college.)

This blog is one way for me to have a voice. Yes, it will still be where I talk about my writing and the publishing industry in general. But I am also going to talk about things that relate to life, liberty and the pursuit of not only happiness but justice. Why? Because I can and I should not allow that opportunity to be squandered.


  1. Your concerns are valid…we live in a world where being a victim is a pathway to power over others. If you haven’t read Guy P. Benson’s and May Katherine Hamm’s book, End of Discussion its a good read and looks at how victimization is used to halt discussions which is very bad for us as a country.

  2. Funny how the people who want to kill all the gun owners are not willing to do the job themselves, not realizing that many of the people they want to do the dirty deed for them are also private gun owners. Wonder how that will work out for them?

    1. And not admitting that, in the case of emergency — or zombie apocalypse — those neighbors they want to kill because of those evil guns are exactly the same neighbors they would run to for protection.

  3. Let’s say you pursue equality. What kind? Equality of result? Or equality before the law? Usually, equality is used to tear people down. It’s not about allowing people to try concepts and see if there is an improvement. It’s about forcing people to be a part of the herd rather than finding out who they are.

    If you intend to enforce equality, you must attack a person’s differences. You must push them around or out of the herd. Perhaps, that is for the best, because they never could fit in or want to. The question is only how much violence you are willing to use against them. Or if they are willing to defend themselves.

    A free society allows for the expression of ideas. The problem is that America is no longer free; we are slowly becoming a socialist society as the government takes control of our institutions.

    Hollywood, the Media and the Educational Establishment, along with Political Correctness, try to eradicate intellectual diversity. It is basically fascist. As Mussolini said, “Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” This leaves no place for freedom of conscience.

    Some people must be different just to be themselves, to express their values. They are born rebels. This doesn’t mean that they seek to harm anyone else.

    Some of this has to to with r/K selection theory. America had been a /K selection society, but the Left’s welfare state is reinforcing r/ behaviors.


    The next great depression is likely to reverse the trait toward r/ behaviors, because the welfare society is not sustainable. The Left’s cities, states and the federal government are bankrupt. They have run out of ‘other people’s money.” The weak members of the herd will rush off the cliff with the other Socialist Lemmings.

    People in control of themselves are more likely to survive the coming hard times and breed a replacement population who will allow freedom again.

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