Like most writers, I’ve tried more than my fair share of programs supposedly designed to help make writing easier.  For the most part, they’ve either been much too glitchy or too difficult or just not what I’ve been looking for.  So I’ve always defaulted back to either Word, much as I dislike most things Microsoft, or Open Office.  Then I saw this.

I’ve read blogs extolling the greatness that is Scrivener.  I’ve talked to authors who swear by it.  The only problem has been that it’s a Mac program and, much as I like Macs, I haven’t been able to justify the price differential for writing.  So, after seeing that there was a beta version of Scrivener for the PC, and for linux users as well, I thought I’d check it out.

First off, you have to understand, I’m not usually one to risk a beta program.  But, well, I was intrigued and, after a couple of days using the program, I’m pretty much sold on it.  For one thing, you can pick and choose what parts of it you want to use.  You don’t have to fill in all those obnoxious boxes and files and charts some of the programs require before you can start the actual process of writing.  I like that.

For another, and this one is going to sound strange, I like the cork board function.  Before I switched desks — this one has the built on bookcase which is nice for holding my reference books — I had a cork board and a dry erase board over the desk.  This was where I’d put my notes, etc.  Scrivener has a function that is very similar to what I did.  So there is that feeling of familiarity I’ve missed.

Whether I stick with it after the program goes out of beta remains to be seen.  But, for the moment, I’m cautiously optimistic.

And, just for the record, I haven’t received any form of compensation for this.

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