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Today I’m blogging over at Twisted Writers. If you haven’t checked the blog out this week, please take a few minutes and do so. The blog consists of six of us who form the Twisted Writers critique group. Going hand-in-hand with that, one of our members, AJ Prince, has been interviewing each of us over on her blog. You can find her interview of me here.

I’ll try to be back later with a full post but, right now, I’m trying not to throw my laptop through the far wall. I really should know better than to read the HuffPo, or any part of it, this early in the morning. One story in particular today has me gritting my teeth and sitting on my hands — which makes typing really, really difficult. If I let go, there would be a tirade about double-standards that would get me in hot water.

Any way, have a fun and safe Saturday. I’ll be back!

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