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Because Amazon no longer lets us comment in response to reviews–thanks for nothing, Amazon–I’m repeating the message from yesterday’s blog post. Please, if you downloaded Victory from Ashes before yesterday morning (actually late Tuesday night), please redownload it. There is a new version–the right version–available. I went through the problems yesterday, so won’t do so again today. Just know there was a screw up along the way and the placeholder file went live instead of the final file.

If you need to, go to Manage My Content and Devices and redownload from there. That should give you the right file.

For those of you who have reviewed and commented on the typos, thank you. It let me know there is a problem. As soon as I did, I jumped on the issue immediately and have–I hope–corrected it. I know I bought and downloaded the book after I did the new upload and the spot checks I did showed it was the correct file. I would appreciate it if you’d do the new download and check and–if the spirit moves you–update your review. But no biggie if you don’t. I appreciate the fact you liked the plot and all.

Thanks to those of you who have left reviews after the update as well. Every review is appreciated: good or bad. I learn from them. (Of course, that learning sometimes is painful as you’d expect.)

In the meantime, spread the word that Victory is out. Now I’m off to continue working on Danger Foretold as well as the promised freebie for my newsletter subscribers.

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