Just a quick reminder that the Stars of Sci-Fi Summer Humble Bundle is still available. Thirty-five “titles” but, in reality, it is much more. There are several bundles of multiple novels as well as collections and anthologies included in this Humble Bumble. It’s a great chance to get titles by well-known authors like Brandon Sanderson, Alan Dean Foster and Frank Herbert as well as checking out titles by some lesser known authors.

You can grab the entire bundle for as little as $18 (although you can pay more) A part of every purchase goes to support the First Book charity.

Oh, and I have a book in the bundle as well.

Check it out.

Here’s the link and a description from HB itself:

Tales from Brandon Sanderson, Frank Herbert, and more

Finish off summer by traveling to the strange worlds and new horizons in this collection of science fiction novels & stories! Discover tales by Hugo-winning authors Brandon Sanderson (Shadows Beneath) and Frank Herbert (High-Opp). Explore the futures imagined by Alan Dean Foster (Three Books, Countless Worlds), Kevin J. Anderson (Resurrection, Inc.), and more stars of sci-fi, and help support First Book with your purchase!

Until later!

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