Release Day and more

Today’s the day I’ve been looking forward to–and dreading–for a year or more.The e-book version of Nocturnal Revelations is now available (the print version will be available in two weeks.) I’ve known the current story arc of the Nocturnal Lives series was drawing to an end. In some ways, I’ve been working toward this point from the moment I typed  the first words of Nocturnal Origins. In other ways, I’ve dreaded it and even mourned it. Now that day is here and I’m not sure how I feel.

I’ve lived with these characters for years. Mac Santos is part of me. I know she isn’t going away, but she won’t be the driving force in future books. Not like she has been in these. At least I don’t think she will be. But what do I know? I’m just the writer. Myrtle the Evil Muse will tell me–when she’s ready–what for them next evolution of the series will be like. (And, btw, she is already formulating something in the back of my brain. I’m getting hints of it when I’m not working on the next project.)

And that next project is. . . .drum roll. . .Battle Flight.

Battle Flight is a prequel of sorts for the Honor & Duty series. I’ve taken the three short stories written in that universe and am expanding them, tying them together and weaving them into a novel that will explain more about what drives Ashlyn Shaw and those around her. The book is already available for pre-order and will be released next month.

Yes, next month. No, I haven’t lost my mind but I am ramping up my publication schedule. After ten months of real life demands slowing the writing, and the publishing, down, life is finally getting back to normal. That means getting back on track. It also means getting out those books that have been delayed because I haven’t had the mental space to write like I should have.

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