Publishing’s “New York State of Mind”

Today’s my day over at Mad Genius Club. The topic of discussion is traditional publishing. Specifically, it’s about an article that appeared in the SFWA Bulletin discussing the “New York problem” the publishing industry suffers from. Here’s an excerpt:

This must be the week of WTF? sort of stories concerning tradiitional publishing. Yesterday, I blogged about how the Association of American Publishers (AAP) was soooo looking forward to “collaborating” with the new Administration to help bring us all to “enlightened understanding”. Then as I sat down to write this post, I find this at The Passive Voice. According to an article first published in the SFWA Bulletin, publishing has a “New York problem”.

If you’re like me, you read that and went “Duh!”. Traditional publishing has had a NY problem for years. Decades. But not in the manner the author of the article, Karintha Parker, means.

I’ll admit, she had me rolling on the floor with her very first line.

Like so many others connected to this [small-yet-all-consuming] publishing industry, books were my first love.

While I completely identify with books being a first love, the opening of the sentence had me rolling. To start, can’t you just imagine all the publishing execs–not to mention all the others in the industry who’ve swallowed the pill–screaming in outrage to have anyone call publishing a “small” industry? True, it doesn’t have the numbers it once did, either in employees or in number of large publishing houses. But a few houses basically control the industry, at least the traditional end of it, and look at how many businesses would potentially fail if even one of those houses were to shut their doors.

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I’ll be back later today with another post. Until then!

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