Of writing and current events

On the writing side, the  print version of Nocturnal Revelations will be available next week. The physical proof is on its way to my waiting hands as we speak. Once I’ve seen it and made sure I didn’t overlook anything checking the digital proof, I’ll take the print version live. Print versions of all the books in the series will be going live around the same time.

On the current event front, we are approaching the 20th anniversary of the tragedy at Columbine High School. I wrote about that, the media hype leading up to the anniversary and the new “credible threat” presented by Sol Pais. You can find that post over at Victory Girls Blog.  Be sure to check out Darleen’s review of Clint Hill’s book, Five Presidents, while your’e there.

For now, I’m off to find more coffee and then it’s back to work on Battle Flight. I am having so much fun expanding and tying the short stories together into a single volume.

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