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Oh joy. There is one thing every writer fears — the loss of their work computer. It doesn’t matter if it’s due to a failing hard drive or something else. We worry about hours of work suddenly disappearing. That’s why I’m obsessive about making sure I have backups in multiple formats and on different media. Not that it helps me right now.

You see, my work machine, which is less than a year old, has been a bit problematic since I bought it. At first it was issues with the wireless. Even though I had it set to auto connect to the home network, more often than not, I’d have to manually connect. Then there was the little known feature of Windows 10 that set power saver options to turn off the wireless unless you were actively working basically all the frigging time AND the laptop was plugged in to a power source. The latter was easily fixed. The former took time.

Now, over the last several weeks, the bluetooth decided to go AWOL on me. Multiple calls to tech support, which included updating drivers and then removing drivers and reinstalling drivers followed by factory resets (2 of them) and the problem only getting worse, followed. Finally, it went from the laptop being discoverable by other devices but not being able to discover any to a power failure error. So, this morning I am trekking off to the local FedEx office to send the laptop back to Asus for repair.

And, from past experience, I’ll be 2 to 3 weeks without my work machine.

So, I’m not a happy camper, especially not when I think about how much I paid for the laptop. Still, it is under warranty and I will see what Asus does to make it right.

In the meantime, I spent much of the weekend, when not dealing with family stuff, setting up the old Asus as the interim work machine. That meant reinstalling some programs and updating others. It also means getting used to the keyboard again. It all seems minor but when you get used to the feel and sound of one keyboard, it is a bit disconcerting when everything is suddenly different — at least it is for me.

Anyway, I think I have pretty much everything loaded to get back to the work of writing and editing. At least I hope I do because today I’m working on a couple of editing jobs as well as starting to update my websites.

In the meantime (yes, I know, more author promo) have you checked out Dagger of Elanna (Sword of the Gods Book 2)? If not, please consider it. My cats are eyeing my ankles with a hungry look in their eyes. If you have, I’d appreciate it if you would consider leaving a review. Those reviews are important because they not only help potential buyers make up their minds but also because the more reviews I get, the higher the likelihood the book will start showing up on those “if you like this, your might like that” or “other customers also bought” lists. Thanks!


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  1. Lost a monitor recently which meant that I didn’t work on the weekend… which wrecked my schedule. I have to start over … good luck.

  2. Orvan Taurus

    Oy. There are times it’s nice to live in an “over”-computered house – there’s usually a spare for something. Not necessarily an ideal replacement, but something that will allow a ‘getting by’ while things are being dealt with.

    From back when the ‘machine room’ was clean. A couple years after this photo was taken, I tidied things up… and found enough parts lying about to build (yet another) computer. The bizarre thing is now actually having ‘spare’ monitors – and not old CRT’s at that. I’ve been wondering, “Wait, one NEVER has spares of those!” and yet.. normal? What’s that? (Yeah, I’m not near anyone AFAIK or I’d be offering to check for spares, etc. for folks.)

    • LOL. I know. I have an older Asus ROG rig that I’m using right now. In some ways, it’s better than my new machine (I love the larger screen). But it isn’t nearly as portable — because of the larger screen. If you were to look at my desk, I have the ROG, the Macbook Air, Surface Pro 3 and two external screens. There is another laptop stored away — sort of the backup to the backup to the backup. I don’t leave it out because the hinges are wonky.

    • I’ve done two big moves in two years, which means all my spare stuff has been given or thrown away. But yes, I used to– my late-hubby was an electronics tech and hobbyist. You can’t believe how much stuff I had in a two bedroom apartment. I had no idea.

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