Nocturnal Revelations now available

For pre-order, that is.

(The other books in the series have had a price drop in preparation for Revelations coming out.)

This book has been both a joy to write and difficult because it is the last in the current story arc. It also took some twists and turns I didn’t expect. But final edits have been done and it is in the hands of the last beta readers. Here’s a quick blurb (which I still need to work on.)

As a cop, Mackenzie Santos knows every shift might be her last. That was driven home two years ago when Samuel Wilcox came much too close to killing her. She still had nightmares of waking in the morgue. But that was nothing compared to leaning she is descended from one of the oldest and most powerful shapeshifter bloodlines. Until the night she “died”, she always believed shapeshifters and werewolves were the thing of bad Hollywood movies.

Now she knows differently. Monsters really do walk among us. Some are human. Some are shifter. . . And one wants her dead.

Worse, so much worse, whoever it is wants to reveal the existence of shapeshifters to the humans. He–or she–doesn’t care about the consequences. Somehow Mac and those who know her secret must discover who their enemy is and stop them before it is too late. But can Mac do that and stay alive?

Until later!

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