Nocturnal Prey is Live!

I know. I know. It’s “just” a short story. But I’m still excited to announce Nocturnal Prey, the latest in the Nocturnal Lives universe is now live on Amazon. The story wasn’t anything I planned. It simply appeared pretty much full-blown in my imagination and Myrtle the Evil Muse demanded I write it.

Prey takes place after the events of Nocturnal Revelations and is part of the bridge between the story arc finished in Revelations and the new story arc. It is a departure in a way because it is told exclusively from Mac’s first person point of view. It was fun being totally in Mac’s mind for the story.

Here’s the blurb:

Three years ago, Mackenzie Santos’ nightmare became reality. The world learned shapeshifters really do exist. Since then, Mac has worked hard to do her duty as a cop, as an alpha and as a mother. Now those duties all come spiraling together as she becomes the hunted. If she isn’t careful, not only will her life be forfeit but so will the lives of her daughter and all those she cares for.

Don’t forget, all my novels, except Risen from Ashes, are still on sale. They will be until the first of next week. Then they will go back to regular price. You can find them at my Amazon author page.


  1. Tables are turned on Mackenzie but … I like the cop/shifter setup in this series. Well done short story.

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