New Release and Confession Time

I have been very negligent in keeping the blog up recently.  Part has been because I was pushing and pushing hard to get the final version of Betrayal from Ashes ready for publication. Part was because of real life. Hopefully, I can now return to blogging on a regular basis. In the meantime, Betrayal from Ashes is now available for digital download on Amazon. The print version will be ready in 10 days to two weeks.

Now for the confession time. Betrayal is different from other books in the series. Oh, it’s not that it focuses on new characters or is written in a different style. It’s the same set of characters and same style. But it is shorter, approximately half the size of the previous books. Part of that is because the story took a left turn I didn’t anticipate. I could have published the entire “story”, but it would have been a goatgagger and would have needed to be priced much higher than I think e-books should be priced at. So I made the decision to cut the book into two or three parts (still trying to figure that one out for sure) and release a shorter novel at a lower price–$2.99.

The good part of that means I am going to have the next installment ready to go by the end of January, and probably sooner.

In the meantime, I give you Betrayal from Ashes.

War is never clean. Honor doesn’t always win out. Betrayal becomes the shadow currency that can tip the balance of power.

Colonel Ashlyn Shaw learned those lessons the hard way. Five years ago, she lost her command and her freedom because of the machinations of those willing to betray Fuercon, the homeworld they’d sworn to protect. Supposed allies conspired with enemies. Now Fuercon and its allied systems face a war on multiple fronts.

A war where the enemy doesn’t want a diplomatic solution. One where the enemy claims victory based on the number of civilian deaths.

This is not a war of attrition. It is a war of survival.

It is also a war Ashlyn and her allies have every intention of winning. But to do so, they must first unravel the layers of a conspiracy that goes much deeper than any of them suspect.

Honor and duty. Death before dishonor.



  1. I guess that now isn’t the time to ask about the third book of the Stalker’s Moon trilogy? 😉

    1. it will come out probably next month. I need to fine tune some of the new material. But before I do, I have a short story in the Origins universe to put the finishing touches on before sending it to an editor to see if they want it for inclusion in an antho–if not, I’ll publish it myself. I also need to get busy on the last book in the Sword of the Gods series. Oh, and then there’s the Eerie Side of the Tracks series to revisit. Not to mention another book or two clamoring for attention. Sigh. I need to clone myself.

      1. On cloning oneself, I often wonder if the original and the clones would get into fights about which of them works on which project (alone with who gets stuck with the dirty jobs). 😈

  2. Worse, they’d fight over the details of each project.
    “I don’t think she’d do that.”
    “Do you really need a hyphen here?”
    “That’s a painfully awkward sentence.”

    Oh, wait. I can do all that to myself without the aid of a clone.

    1. Shudder. I don’t want to even think about that scenario. I’m bad enough all by myself. More than one of me, arguing about a project. . . The world isn’t ready for that and I sure as hell am not. 😉

      1. Cloning might work for people who aren’t naturally argumentative?

        For some reason, I don’t seem to know anybody like that.

  3. Amanda – liked the new Sam Schall novel. But needs better editing in Kindle e-book version. Prior to leaving the home world, there is a VERY incomplete sentence which is missing it’s entire second half. Also, there are a LOT of typos and words dropped throughout the text. Gave it 4 stars on Amzn.

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