Nanny state redux

I will be back later with a full post but, in light of what I put up yesterday, I found this article particularly interesting. Apparently, it is now bad to serve up a Mexican food buffet for a science fiction themed event if you have SF aliens depicted. It is insensitive, according to the administration at Stevenson College and appropriate sensitivity training must now be had by all.

You can find the post here.


  1. When I was in college, my cafeteria had a small section that was set aside for rotating seasonal/holiday fare (thanksgiving had turkey and dressing, Christmas ham, etc).

    Come February, they had MLK day food selections, including ribs, cornbread, greens, fried chicken and I don’t even remember what else. Being a southerner, I was very excited and ate there at lunch and dinner but my roommate and I had an extensive discussion about whether this was actually ok. I’m kind of amazed they let it happen. Hell, they might have even had watermelon! I’m sure these days, someone would be complaining…

    1. I agree. But what bothers me the most is how the administration is buying into it. Is it any wonder we have so many people who think it is the the duty of everyone else to walk on eggshells just so we don’t bruise some precious flower’s ego?

  2. This just shows that offense can be taken by anyone, anywhere at anytime. All it requires is a lack of intelligence and the ability to reason.

  3. I found it interesting that there are no links, excerpts from some of those complaints. Makes me wonder how many complaints there really were. And if they did indeed come from the students.

    Either way, someone people need to grow up.

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