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Well, it is now official and public. Today was my last day to post as a member of Mad Genius Club. I’ve been with the blog more than a decade, going back to before I published my first book. My fellow bloggers there are like family and I’m going to miss working with them. But everything must come to an end and it is time to move on. So what does that mean going forward?

It means this blog is going to be much more active. I’ll continue to blog about my work, the writing process and things I see going on in the indie publishing world I think are important, I’ll also do the occasional political or social post. Writers don’t live in a vacuum and we do actually pay attention to the world around us–or at least we should. That said, this isn’t going to turn into a political blog. That is something I promise.

With that in mind, all views are welcome here. I love a good debate. The only rules that will apply going forward are simple: don’t be a butthead, don’t resort to name-calling, and no incitement to break the law. Simple.

Because this isn’t going to become a politically-focused blog, I will be returning to regular blogging at Victory Girls. A lot of what I do will be reviews of new non-fiction books. I’m starting out with “Electable: Why America Hasn’t Put A Woman In The White House. . .Yet“. Let’s just say the review is going to be a lot of fun to write. Look for it the first week of November. (I will link to it here.)

Fiction writing is slowly getting back to normal. Of course, night before last and then last night did their best to derail it again. Night before last, the power source for my Macbook Air (7 years old) decided it didn’t need to always work when I wanted it to. So, quick trip online and a new one was ordered and set to be delivered yesterday. Tragedy averted but frustration level back up to +100.

Of course, it was almost four when the new laptop arrived and it took a couple of hours to get everything set up. I still need to do some tweaks. But, damn, I do love how Apple has made it so much easier to move from one Mac to another. That saved hours and hours of work and frustration.

Then the rains moved in. Okay, to be honest, it had rained off and on most of the day, but nothing serious. Then, around 8 pm, things picked up. Remembering how Mom’s room, dressing room and bathroom flooded when she was in the hospital, I kept a watch on everything. That is the only reason I have time to sit down and blog today. I caught the flood as it started. Her bedroom and bath were still involved, but I managed to start abatement procedures before it hit the dressing room. Furniture was moved, towels were put down to mop up water in the bath and the wet vac was brought in to deal with the rest of it after I pulled up the carpet in the bedroom.

Today is a day of washing towels, running fans in the bedroom and checking to see how the dry wall fared. So, yeah, my frustration level is at about +150 right now. But it could have been so much worse. Hell, it has been worse. As is, I should be able to get back to work on the final edits for Designation: Frejya this evening.

Here’s the blurb:

I was five when they came for my brother. I was thirteen when they came for me. At twenty, they sent me to war, an AI embedded in my brain to make sure I didn’t remember my past or question my orders. Not that they told me that part.

And that was their mistake. They might have enhanced me, trained me, but they didn’t break me and, with Menhit in my head, I am about to become their worst nightmare. . .if they don’t kill me first.

The Ter’anzils have invaded and enslaved innumerable star systems over the centuries. Have they finally met their match in one of their own creations?

Until later, carry on and let’s hope the rain has moved on. I really do not want to deal with more flooding today.


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