Monday Morning

There isn’t enough coffee. Nope, not enough. What is that bright object up in the sky? More importantly, why can’t I ignore the world like my cats and go back to bed?

The answer is simple, really. I need to finish the last read-through of Battle Wounds and then get it converted so it will be available for sale tomorrow. Yep, it’s done and I have heard back from the beta readers. All that’s left now, since I’ve done the final edit, is to make sure it’s ready to go. So that is the focus of this morning.

I have a post in mind for later today, but it may wind up being tomorrow’s, about freedom of speech. However, since that is such an important topic, I don’t want to just toss it out without giving myself time to really pull it together and make sure it says what I want it.

In the meantime, I’m going to make sure everything possible is done to have Battle Wounds out tomorrow morning. Now to find another mug of coffee and then get down to work.


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Writer, proud military mom and possessed by two crazy cats and one put-upon dog. Writes under the names of Amanda S. Green, Sam Schall and Ellie Ferguson.

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