Monday morning update

Well, we didn’t wash away this weekend despite Mother Nature’s best efforts. I know we’ll be crying for rain as we get into summer, but we’ve had enough for now. I’m not sure the mower will do the job. Might need to get a herd of goats. Yes, the lawn’s grown that much in the last few days. Oh well, if that’s the worst thing I have to complain about, I’m doing great. . . as long as I don’t look at the calendar and realize the release date for Surtr’s Fury is rapidly approaching.

I spent a good chunk of the weekend doing the tedious bit of a proofing the manuscript. I always make a pass–or three–while the beta readers finish up their passes and the editor gets me their comments. I’ll admit, it’s been so long since I published anything that I’m paranoid about this book. Part of it is because it has been too long since I put anything out. Part is having been burned by copyeditors in the past, so I want to make sure I miss nothing this time. Part is this is a new series and that is always scary. So. . . .

I’ve been doing the checks in multiple manners. One is the tried and true, and oh so frustrating, reading the book backwards. While I do that on hardcopy, I also put it through both MS Word spell/grammar check as well as through a pass of ProWritingAid after setting up the rules for this series. All that takes time and I am realizing (again) that PWA and Word don’t always agree. That makes me actually take time to consider the suggestions from each of them. Something else that happens is that as I move from one suggestion to another, I see other things they didn’t pick up.

And, yes, I did say MSWord. I finished writing the novel in Ulysses–and I am currently sold in this app. I feel like it’s a step back in time to when word processing programs didn’t have all the bells and whistles and let you focus on just writing. Whether it becomes my go-to for rough drafts is yet to be seen.

I can hear some of you saying that simply puts another step into my process and, yes, it does. But it is a step that takes only a few seconds as I export the Ulysses files to DOCX and then open them in Word. Everything else is the same as before. So we will see what happens moving forward.

What else?

The next snippet for Battleborn is now up on my substack page. If you’ve signed up for the mail out, you should have it shortly. If not, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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