Monday Morning Update

I’m busy this morning doing “business stuff”. The first thing I did was set up a new mailing list/newsletter sign-up. You can access it via the sign-up box on the right of the page or by clicking this link. I promise not to spam you. The list will be for a monthly-ish newsletter and for announcements of new releases and promotions. Subscribers to the newsletter will also get links to free stories, etc., that will not be available at the time on the sales sites. Some of these will be limited time offers and others will be perma-free.

I am currently in the process of continuing to update book files in preparation of releasing them wide. I have also done the rough draft of a short story set in the Nocturnal Lives universe that will be released as a freebie to those who subscribe to the newsletter or who follow a link in the books that will be added. The link will take you to a BookFunnel landing page. Fair warning, the only way to get the story will be to enter your email.

Oh, and the story will be a prequel story to Nocturnal Origins.

What else?

I have story notes for a new short story in the Honor & Duty universe. It takes place during Vengeance from Ashes and, like the Origins prequel story, will only be available to newsletter subscribers and those who follow the link from my books (which will be added to those books once the story is ready) to BookFunnel.

See a pattern?

Each series will get a new story to start with. New books going forward will also have extra material that will only be available via BookFunnel and links with the books or to newsletter subscribers. I’m taking a page out of the Baen Free Library and authors who have been much more effective and successful with their promotion efforts than I have been in the past.

In other words, I’m getting my rear back into gear.

Which means I need to get back to work. Until later!

And don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter!

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