Monday morning thoughts

I’ll admit, I had considered not blogging today. Not because I don’t want to and not because I didn’t know what to blog about. No, I’d considered it because I am so far behind on finishing two different novels, one of which is late being turned in and the other which is getting close to be late. So I’d considered foregoing the blog today.

Until I made the mistake of listening to the news and checking out Facebook.

Look, everyone is entitled to their opinion about the upcoming election. God knows I’ve talked about it often enough here. But, damn it, I’m tired — no, I’m beyond tired — of the old whine and whinge that everything is Bush’s fault. I’m not a big fan of Bush, never have been. But this smoke and mirrors act we’ve lived with for four years has grown old.

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, go check out the New Yorker’s endorsement of President Obama. The author of the post spends a lot of time doing his best to remind us how evil Bush was, what a bad job he did, and how wonderful Obama has been.

Sorry, but that doesn’t cut it any more. We are four years past the Bush administration. We are still involved on multiple fronts in the Middle East, not all of which date back to the Bush administration. The so-called wonder of the Obama bail-outs actually started under Bush. Sure, the economy sucked, but Bush didn’t cause it. The stock market had risen to an artificial high that would, eventually, self-correct. Which it did. Nor did Bush tell the banks to loan money to folks who really couldn’t afford it. Should the banks have made the loans? No. But then there is the fact that these folks asked for the loans knowing they really didn’t have the pad to help them should something unforeseen happen. In short, they made the decision to take out loans they couldn’t afford and, gee, our nanny state government came running in to save them from themselves.


Oh, and let’s not forget this little thing called 9/11. Think about the economic impact that had on not only NYC but the country as a whole.

Now, ask yourself this: if 9/11 had happened under Obama’s watch, what would have happened? Would he have acted as quickly as Bush did or would we have seen a repeat of the Benghazi public relations debacle? Or would we have seen the elite in our military coming forward to denounce the claims and actions of the president as some have with regard to the death of Bin Laden?

The choice is yours to make in this election. The vote is yours. So, with early voting beginning today in a number of states, there is no reason not to exercise your constitutional right to help select our next president. I say “help” because, like it or not, the ultimate decision rests in the electoral college. But do not be swayed by rhetoric — from either side. Research the issues. Read the text of the bills introduced at the request of the president, especially the text of Obamacare. Study the issues and make an informed decision.

My mind has been made up for a long time. Am I completely happy with my choice? No. But I am happier with it than with the alternative. Now excuse me while I go exercise my right to vote.

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