Monday Morning Gahs

The NaNo project — you know, the book that I hadn’t planned on writing because I already had one I had to do this month — as well as the other book I’ve been working on have gotten little attention over the last few days. Total word count is less than 1000 words. That doesn’t mean I’ve been lazing around, eating bonbons. Far from it. The last two days have been spent doing a line-by-line, front to back and back to front, edit of Duty from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 2) so I meet the deadline of uploading the final version to Amazon by 2300 hrs CST tonight.

I’ve also had to deal with a dishwasher that has decided to stop working. I think it is fixable by me — fingers crossed — and I’ve ordered the parts necessary to do what I believe the problem is. Frankly, I really hope this works. I simply do not have the time, inclination or spare cash to deal with replacing the thing right now.

I do recommend everyone go take a look at Dave Freer’s post at Mad Genius Club. Dave, despite what he thinks/says, is one of the two “nice” ones there. There other is Cedar Sanderson — but we’re working on her 😉

With regard to Dave’s post, he says what all of us at MGC feel. We have better things to do than to set out on stealth — or not so stealthy — attacks on those we don’t agree with. Heck, we’ll say it to your face, shake your hand and go about our way. That may be why some of those who don’t agree with us find us so frustrating. They’ll go to MGC to post something in opposition to what the “Genius” of the day wrote and will then, usually, go away quickly. Why? Maybe it’s because we will actually discuss the issue with them. Maybe it’s because we expect them to hold to the same standards of presenting facts to support their position that we impose on ourselves. Or maybe it is because, unless someone is just an absolute ass who refuses to either tone it down or go away, we don’t usually get down in the gutter and smack talk.

Although, seeing Kate take someone’s argument apart, statement by statement and all with facts and figures and — gasp — logic to back her stance is a sight to behold.

Anyway, go check out Dave’s post and, do me a favor, if you haven’t already, check out the books he links in his post. Dave is not only one of my friends but he is one of my favorite authors.

I’m guest posting over at According to Hoyt this morning. Fair warning. I wrote this after seeing yet another post by a disgruntled lib moaning about the election results and threatening to move to Canada because America hates women and loves guns. I’m tired of reading about and listening to these entitled children — yes, children because that is what they are acting like. They didn’t get their way and now they want to take their toys and go home. Except, in this case, home is a new place in a faraway land. Well, if that’s how they feel, let them go. Let them experience what it is like to live somewhere else for a bit. I want them to be happy (waggles hand) and I want them to have the chance to realize that, despite its faults, the US is still the best place to live.

Here is another link you might find of interest:

Somebody Saw This Day Coming — another take on the Vanity Fair article of a week ago that did its best to eviscerate Amazon.

Now I need to find more coffee, figure out what the demon kitten is doing and then get back to work. I’ll be back tomorrow — unless the editing does me in  😉

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