It’s Monday and the Knee-Jerk Reactions Run Wild

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Sutherland Springs. No one can deny what happened was a tragedy. A church and a community have been decimated by yesterday’s events. However, instead of rushing to judgment and politicizing the events, we need to step back, breathe and wait for the facts. Not that it will stop any of the usual suspects who couldn’t wait to take to Twitter to beat their favorite political horse.

The homepage for the Dallas Morning News and, from what I’m told, the front page of today’s paper, showed it didn’t hesitate to jump on the gun control bandwagon long before much information had been learned about the shooter. ABC News made sure to condemn President Trump for saying this isn’t the time to call for more gun control and comparing it to how quickly he called for immigration control after the tragedy in New York. I guess ABC can’t see that there was a direct tie between the immigration of the DRIVER in the NY attack and what happened. Besides, it won’t miss an opportunity to attack the President.

Right now, there is still little hard evidence known about the why of yesterday’s attack or how the shooter got his weapons. I’ve seen all sorts of condemnations for Texas for allowing him to get the AR. I’ve seen federal gun control laws attacked. But all were knee-jerk reactions, reactions that ignore the fact that the shooter would have done much more damage had one of the men living near the church not legally owned a gun, grabbed it and used it to drive the shooter away before more people could be killed or injured.

From what Governor Abbott said this morning — and he will know more than any of the so-called pundits and Hollywood stars who helped cover up the actions of Harvey Weinstein and who knows how many others for years — the shooter applied for and was denied a state concealed carry permit. So Texas law and procedures worked. Where someone or something fell down was when, after he was denied the CCL, he was allowed to purchase the AR. We are still waiting to find out what happened then. It is possible information the State learned doing a background check on him (and by using his prints) was different from what the store received when he purchased the AR.

But here’s the thing. We don’t know. So quit rushing to judgment and wait the hell for the facts to come in. Until then, you are doing no one any good.

Let us focus on what’s important right now — the family of those killed or injured, the town that lost so many and the church where approximately half of its congregation was either killed or injured. Ask what you can do to help them. Show the same grace in the face of what happened that they are.

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