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Sorry for the silence, everyone, but I’ve been hard at work on Light Magic. In some ways, this has been my favorite book to write to date. In others, it has been the most frustrating. I hope that all adds up to a book everyone enjoys. In the end, it took a left turn on edits and that’s why it is up for pre-order today instead of today being the actual release date. That date is now Feb. 27th.

So, what happened? I realized as I was doing the final editorial pass that I’d done the one thing I hate in books: I’d rushed the ending. A couple of my beta readers mentioned it and I took a hard look at what happened. Yes, I could have released the book as it was but I always want to put out the best book possible and this one could, with a little work, be better. So I finished inputting the edits and made a difficult decision. Instead of rushing the reworking of the last several chapters, I chose to do a pre-order period instead. This gives me plenty of time to flush out the ending and let my beta readers have another look at those chapters.

I’ve done my part and the book is off to the betas today. I’m going to spend the day catching up on everything that’s been set to the side while I finished Light Magic. Then I’m going to sit down and start making notes on a new series I have in mind. Of course, I’m also working on the next Duty from Ashes book and there are a couple of short stories or novellas I want to do over the next month or so. The writer’s job is never done — thankfully.

I have a little more about  Light Magic over at Mad Genius Club this morning. Check out the post. In the meantime, here’s the blurb:

When Meg Sheridan arrived in Mossy Creek, Texas, she had one goal in mind: to fulfill her mother’s dying wish. Now, less than a month after burying her mother, all Meg knows about the town is that it has always been a haven for the Others, even before they made their existence known to the world. As an Other herself, that should reassure Meg. Instead, it raises more questions than it answers. More than that, she has one very large problem. She doesn’t know why her mother wanted her to come to Mossy Creek. Worse, she soon learns not everyone is willing to welcome her with open arms.

Faced with the daunting task of discovering not only why her mother sent her to Mossy Creek but also with uncovering why her mother fled there years before, Meg is determined to find the truth. Along the way, she discovers something else. Even in death, her mother is looking out for her – if Meg will let her.

And if she will accept the friendship and love of those who knew her mother all those years ago.

But danger awaits her as well. Secrets decades old and resentments going back generations seethe just below the surface. Do those secrets have anything to do with why Meg’s mother wanted her to come to town? Will discovering them help her understand why her mother fled Mossy Creek so long ago?

Or will they lead to something much more sinister. . . and deadly?

Pre-order your copy today!

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