Life is returning to normal–I hope

The title says it all. Before I explain why I’m late with this morning’s post, I have to give a huge “thank you” to my mother’s doctors. Her orthopedic surgeon did a fantastic job repairing the fracture to her femur. Because of his work, not only did she not have to have a hip replacement, but she has been making an amazing recovery (also thanks to her PT). Another big “thanks” goes to her pain doctor. Yesterday, Mom had a rhizotomy and we are already seeing improvement in her pain levels. Hopefully, that will continue and she will get even closer to “normal”. But it is all enough to help us start returning to our regular routines and that means writing.

That writing is why I’m late this morning. Yesterday, because of Mom’s surgery, I only managed a couple hundred words. This morning–in the last hour and a half, to be precise–I’ve written close to 1k words and there are more to come. I came up for air (actually, for more coffee) and realized I hadn’t written a post yet. So, here we are.

I’m writing!

I’m editing!

I am a happy camper!

So what am I working on?

The editing I mentioned is on Designation: Frejya. That’s my sit in the living room while Mom watches TV in the evening activity.

The writing is on one of the projects I alluded to yesterday. It will probably be a novella and it will come out before DF, at least that’s the plan the evil muse Myrtle has in mind. But we will see. She could be fooling me yet again. After all, she is very good at that.

I couldn’t do all this without the support of some very good friends along the way. They will always have my undying gratitude for everything they’ve done for Mom and me these last months. Now, finally, as I said, life is getting back to normal.

Now, let’s see if I can tease you a bit more about this new piece.


So, have you figured it out? VBG


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