June 14th

USA flag and US Army patch on solder's uniform
USA flag and US Army patch on solder’s uniform

June 14th is Flag Day. It commemorates the adoption by the Second Continental Congress of the flag on June 14, 1777. One hundred years ago, Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation declaring June 14th to be Flag Day. In 1949, Congress¬†established a National Flag Day, leaving the formal “proclamation” to the President each year. On June 10th of this year, President Obama issued his proclamation declaring Flag Day and National Flag Week.

June 14th is also the “birthday” of the United States Army. On June 14, 1775, the “American Continental Army” was officially formed. That army has grown into the one we know today. It has helped protect and defend us and the American ideals since that day.

So join me today in remembering what the founding principles of this country are. Remember the meaning of the flag and recognize those who have stepped up in times of both war and peace to defend those principles with their lives.


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