Jaguar Rising Update

As you know, I’ve been busy working on Jaguar Rising. The book has had a mind of its own. Despite that, I’ve loved writing it and seeing where Mac and company are going. That said, it hasn’t been without challenges and I finally had to admit they put me between the proverbial rock and hard place. Between the winter storm last month that brought everything in the state to a standstill for almost a week, to my mom’s situation to other pressures from real life, I’ve had to do what I didn’t want to. I just pressed the  button to delay publication by two weeks. I’d rather push the date back a bit to make sure I give you the best product I can that disappoint you. Right now, I’m waiting to make sure Amazon approves the change. It should. If it does, the new release day will be April 6th. I’ll keep you updated. Again, my apologies, but a delay to insure the best book I can give you is better than risking a sub-standard product.

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