Jaguar Bound Update

I’ve been AWOL much too long from the blog. My last post gives a taste of why. Things should have calmed down shortly after that post but they didn’t. Real life has pretty much been kicking my butt. There are still a couple of jobs I need the painter to come finish up plus I need to replace the flooring in one bathroom and my office. Fuuuun—not. Then there’s the latest. I am currently waiting to find out when I get to have my knee worked on again.

Yep, you read that right. Again.

If that’s not enough,  Jaguar Bound went through my alpha and beta readers without a problem. Then it went to the editor who caught the one thing none of the others (or me for that matter) did. A major plotline that feeds into the start of the new series was mentioned once and then dropped. Now, it doesn’t have to be concluded. In fact, it can’t be. This is one of those major cookie crumbs that needs to be there with echoes happening throughout the book. It’s there, but the echoes aren’t.

Stupid writer did stupid thing.

Now I need to go back in and make sure all the crumbs are there. And that isn’t going to happen in time for next week’s release. Because I would rather give you the book I meant to write and not the flawed one, I have no option but to delay the release for two weeks. That makes the new release date May 31st.

I hate to do it but I also don’t want to put out a sub-par book, especially one that leads into a new series.

In the meantime, here’s a quick sneak peak from the rough draft because I’m not on my work computer right now (which means there may be misspellings, grammar and punctuation issues and that it may change some in the final version). And, yes, it is redacted some. Bwahahahaha:

As she started to answer, the wind shifted directions. She caught a scent on the breeze, something that shouldn’t be there. She slowed, her brow furrowing. Her nostrils flared and her stomach did a slow roll when the scent grew stronger. Coffee forgotten, she swallowed hard against the bile rising in her throat.

Oh, no, no, no, no. . . .

This wasn’t good. Not good at all.

Easy, [someone and I won’t tell you who]. You could be wrong.

But she wasn’t.

She knew the scent that assailed her. Every shapeshifter did. The scent of a kill. Blood, not fresh, but not old enough to have completely dried. Other bodily fluids she didn’t like thinking about in this form or as her [not telling you]-self. Worse was the smell of spoiling meat. Whatever died, enough time had passed for the body to start decomposing.

Nocturnal Origins, the book that started Mackenzie Santos’ story, is offered as a free download on all major outlets.

Also, check out my latest releases, Foil of the Gods (Sword of the Gods 3) and Fire Striker (Tearing the Veil 1). Both are available through all major online retailers. Foil of the Gods will be available on all major online retailers shortly (as soon as it works through the process). Print versions of all my books are being reformatted and will be available next month.

Now to find more coffee and prepare to deal with the fraud alert on one of my credit cards that came in at 0330 this morning.

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