It’s official. I fell through the rabbit hole.

There can be no other explanation. Why else have I spent much of the last three weeks fighting flooding and water damage due to rains in the house? Why else am I doing battle with Asus over my laptop, my less than 18 month old laptop? Why else do I wake up to idiocy from folks who decide that just because they don’t like someone who happens to like my work, I must be as “evil” as that person is (by the commenter’s definition)? Why else do we have so-called experts saying such things as “if you give children freedom, they might not learn to socialize”?

Needless to say, I’m in a lousy mood right now. I spent a good portion of last night doing my best to stem the latest flood of Mom’s bedroom. Filled the wetvac twice. Carpet has been pulled back even further and more padding will have to be replaced. I have spent this morning pulling the carpet from the “kick” area of the wall because the building thought it would be cool to run a carpet strip six inches wide along the bottom of the wall and then put a baseboard in place. Mildew in a couple of places on the wall will need to be dealt with once everything dries out and some sheetrock work will be required. Then everything will get a coat or three of Kilz before I paint. I still need to pull the baseboards from the adjoining bathroom.

Fans are running. Pets, especially the cats, are not happy. And I have visions of Demon Kat climbing into the walls when I start pulling sheetrock.

So, with your permission, here is my primal scream of frustration.



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