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Before I do anything else, as a sf/f writer, I guess I ought to say “May the Fourth be with you.” If you are a Star Wars fan, TBS is running the first two trilogies back to back today. Episode 2, Attack of the Clones, has just started. So, if you haven’t seen the movies for a while and if you like Episodes 2 and 3, get yourself over to TBS now. Me, I’ll be waiting until the original trilogy.

While I’m on it, OMG, what was Lucas thinking with the scene where Padme arrives on Coruscant at the beginning of the movie. Just as one of her guards turns to the other “guard” to say he guessed he was wrong to think anything bad would happen, everything goes BOOM! The supposed guard, her features oh-so-conveniently hidden by a helmet, jumps up and runs in the direction of the now bombed out ship. Does she draw a weapon? Nope. Does she look around to make sure there wasn’t a second wave attack about to happen. Nope. Does she do anything before the attack or after to make anyone with an ounce of sense think she is actually a guard, oh hell no.

And that is just one example of what’s wrong with Episodes 1 – 3. Bad dialog, worse acting from leads and more and, as far as I’m concerned, Lucas took the fun out of the franchise. Okay, I’ll admit, watching Yoda fight was fun but more in a funny ha-ha way than in a “oh, wow, that’s cool!” sort of way. For all its problems, for all the fact it was much too derivative of Episode 4, A New Hope, The Force Awakens was more fun for me than any of the so-called prequel films.

Moving on. . . .

The airlines just can’t seem to help shooting themselves in the foot. Between American Airlines announcing it was cutting leg room two inches in some rows on their new jets to Delta seemingly tripping over what customer service means, they both made it to the news yesterday.

For those of you who don’t think losing two inches is much, I’d like to remind you the 26 inches they are now aiming for, iirc, is measured from the seat back, not from where your butt hits the seat. So you are measuring the ENTIRE seat cushion as part of your leg room. Thing about that. For anyone over 5’5″, I’m betting the loss of those two inches is going to matter a great deal. I know the last time I flew, my knees almost touched the back of the seat in front of me. The thought of losing those 2 inches and then the person in front of me reclining their seat — nope, nope, nope.

Then we have the Delta situation. A family was flying home from Hawaii with a one-year-old and a two-year-old. An older son had cut short his trip and returned home earlier. The two-year-old was in the seat that had been purchased for the older son. So, yes, the family had bought and paid for the seat but the ticketed passenger was not present.

Their tickets, including the son’s, were scanned and the family was allowed to board. Afterwards, a flight attendant supposedly approached them and said they needed to give up the seat because the flight was overbooks. The father did not agree to do so, at least not initially. Things apparently escalated and the flight attendant told the father he had the option of getting off or he and his wife would be arrested for violating federal law and the kids placed in foster care.

Now, I don’t know about you, but that would piss me off to no end. When asked what they were supposed to do if they go off the plane because there were no other flights out that day, the flight attendant told him it wasn’t her problem. He’d have to figure it out on his own. Riiiiight. That’s the way to win over customers.

Instead of being arrested and having their kids put into foster care — any parent’s nightmare — the family disembarked. The next day they returned home, after supposedly paying $2,000 to do so. Delta has announced they will be reaching out to the family to find out what happened.

Remember, this happened only days after airline officials were on Capitol Hill assuring Congress they were going to work harder on customer service. Riiiiight.

Finally, we saw social media in its finest, and I use that term with my tongue firmly planted in cheek, last night. Word hit that Buckingham Palace had called everyone in for a special meeting. The call was placed around 0300 hrs, London time. No word was released as to why the meeting was called. But that didn’t stop folks from speculating. I saw everything from it meant Prince Philip had dies to the Queen to Prince Charles was finally going to step aside for Prince William to who knows what else. Hell, it wouldn’t have surprised me any to see someone speculating that the Palace was announcing that Princess Diana really was haunting the Royal Family.

So what was the announcement? That Prince Philip was officially retiring. The man deserves it. He is, iirc, 94 and has been in poor health. Nothing earth shattering and nothing that shouldn’t have been anticipated. But my oh my, those who just knew what the announcement was couldn’t wait for confirmation. They had to be out there showing just how much they didn’t know.

I guess I should end with the note that I have a guest post up over at According to Hoyt. If you have a chance, wander over there and leave a comment.




  1. Too late and quite dated now, but I think Lucas missed a Golden Opportunity (and/or someone else did). Remember the “Star Wars Kid”? I think Lucas should have offered him a spot in the film… in a flashback… as Yoda’s instructor. Yeah, I know, “Dear Universe, I need to file a Bug Report…”

    1. LOL. Love it.

      I turned over to the movies a few minutes ago and caught the opening fight sequence of Revenge of the Sith. I swear, now I wonder if Lucas wasn’t trying to kill the franchise. Between Jar Jar in the other movie and then Obi Wan and stonefaced Anakin trying to crack jokes in the middle of battle, there is no other explanation.

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