Is it only Wednesday?

This has been a very long week already.  Long with a lot of work done, and even a little writing.  Still, the super secret project isn’t behaving much better today than it was yesterday.  So, I’m going to disappear shortly and try to beat my subconscious into submission — I know, all I’ll do is give myself a headache.  But that might be progress ;-p

But I did want to share one bit of news with you.  I should have the page proofs for the print version of Nocturnal Origins in the next day or so.  Once I do, it will only be a very short time before it will be available for purchase in dead tree version as well as the digital version.  Thanks again to everyone who has already bought it — now, go out and spread the word.  I really want to write the sequel but sales need to continue as strong as they started to justify it.

Sorry, I suck at self-promotion and feel like I’m beating you over the heads and I really don’t mean to.  But I learned long ago that word of mouth really is the best way to promote a book.


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