As I sit here, sipping my second mug of Death Wish and wishing it would kick in, I find myself shaking my head. The liberals are still losing their shit over something the President may or may not have said. The MSM is treating it as a done deal, many calling Donald Trump the most racist president we’ve ever had. All the while, they ignore Dick Durbin’s rather dubious track record for truth when it comes to talking about what he supposedly heard in private White House meetings. Add in the local weather talking heads who can’t figure out if we’re going to see a few snowflakes overnight or face Snowmaggedon. All I can say is this is a great time to be a writer because you don’t have to struggle to find a story people will believe. Real life is so unbelievable, just about anything we write will fly.

Speaking of writing, I’m at the point in Light Magic where I’ve been writing so hard and fast that I had to come up for a breath of air over the weekend. I figured I’d play some video games, write a post or two for Victory Girls and just relax. Boy was I wrong. Saturday night, I got hit with the sledgehammer of inspiration. But, as sometimes happens, the process was different and, fortunately, it hasn’t taken me out of the mood to finish up Light Magic.

I’ll even admit, part of the inspiration came from current events. No, I’m not going to be more specific than that. But it hit and I had to put down the game controller and pick up the iPad Pro and make some notes.

I guess this is where I make another admission. I’ve known from before I finished writing Vengeance from Ashes where the current story arc would end. What’s given me fits is the opening chapters of the next book in the series. This book will end the current plot arc and lead into the next phase of the story. I had the middle and end but not the beginning.

And it was pissing me off.

Then inspiration struck and, with Apple pencil in hand, I started making notes. Except, unlike every other project before it, this was different. Instead of the kind of half-plotter notes I usually make before starting a project, this was more idea plotting. I didn’t open a new document in Word. Instead, I went to the Notability app. Using the Apple pencil, I’d make a note in one color, draw a box with an idea in another, and so on. Within 45 minutes or so, I had enough down that I had a feel for the opening section of the book, something I hadn’t had before. Better yet, it fit with the rest of the book as I have it outlined in my mind.

Now, there are probably a couple of very proper little old ladies at church who are still trying to figure out what I was doing before the service started yesterday because, once again, inspiration hit and the iPad Pro, along with the Apple pencil, came out of my purse. I made another couple of quick notes, saved them out and put everything away.

What that means is I am ready to begin writing the next book as soon as I finish up with Light Magic — YAY!

It also means I have finally found an alternative to having to turn on the light in the middle of the night to take notes when inspiration hits. It also means I don’t have to worry about losing the slip of paper or notebook — or having the cat chew on it or me spill coffee on it. Everything I do in Notability is backed up to Dropbox. I can email it to myself or send it/back it up to a number of other services as well. Best of all, I do my best plotting with pen and paper and Notability is the best app I’ve found when it comes to that sort of thing.

I hadn’t realized how badly I needed an app like this until this weekend. Before, I’d been making notes in Word or similar program. The problem with that is my brain identified it as “writing”. So the few notes I meant to take often morphed into a detailed outline of a chapter or three — or more. The problem is I then felt like I’d written it and didn’t want to go back and do it all over again. This is why I’ve never been a successful “plotter”. Now I can make my notes — and I do mean notes, complete with diagrams and such — and save them out. I can refer to them on my iPad Pro as I work or connect the iPad to an external monitor and have them “blown up”. There are even ways to print them out.


Now it’s back to work, after doing a few chores around the house. Until later!