Hypocrisy in action

We’ve all seen the images of Kathy Griffin, the so-called comic, posing with the mock severed head of Donald Trump. It was graphic and it was over the line. Way over the line. Voices from both sides of the political divide stood up and condemned Griffin for what she did. Approximately 24 hours later, she issued an apology — of sorts.

Of course, that apology does little to negate the fact that, during the filming of her “stunt” she made a comment to that showed she knew she was crossing the line. She joked about how this was going to get her in trouble.

Now, poor widdle Kathy has hired Gloria Allred’s daughter and is claiming that Trump, his children and wife are trying to ruin her. She cried in a press conference today and is playing the victim card. And why? Because she went well over the line and got caught.

But she doesn’t want to suffer the consequences. After all, according to her, she doesn’t deserve this. She has helped people. That’s right. She’s a nice person and the evil Donald is out to get her.

The truth is she started believing her own PR and thought she could get away with an “act”, for lack of a better word, that went beyond being horrible. If a conservative comic had done something similar with Obama or Clinton, they would have been pilloried and Griffin would have been one of the first to condemn them. But now that the shoe is on the other foot, she doesn’t want to play.

“A sitting president of the United States, and his grown children, and the first lady, are personally – I feel – personally trying to ruin my life forever.” That’s one of the allegations made by Griffin in her press conference today. Gee, you’d think she can’t understand why the Trumps would be upset about what she did. Or that she didn’t consider the fact that Trump’s 12-year-old son might see her “joke”.

Here’s the thing. Griffin didn’t think the tide would turn against her. She didn’t think there would be any backlash and she sure as hell didn’t think CNN would fire her. CNN, the bastion of liberal think, wasted no time letting her go. They were right to do so. She tarnished their brand with her attempt at humor — except I’m not convinced she was trying for humor. She was, in my opinion, trying to score point on shock value alone. Well, the points were scored and their were not on her side of the tally sheet.

“As much as we might dislike an elected official, this is not a joke. If Kathy Griffin had been in our room at CIA seeing this type of horrifying murder take place, I doubt she would have made the mistake she did. I also think she should have known this without even having to see an actual event take place. I think the description we tried to invoke is clear.” This is from an op-ed piece by Lisa Chambers, a former CIA public affairs officer who does stand-up comedy after finishing her day job.

Griffin is a self-serving liberal who clearly thought she was above public outrage. She did something she would have screamed to high heaven if we had done it to one of her political idols. Why? Because she could and because, like so many of her ilk, she thinks she is above the rest of us. Her apology, which began with something along the line of “after I got up this morning and saw the feedback”, was not something she would have done had there not been pushback.

Sorry, Ms. Griffin, but you are not the victim here. You started this by what you chose to do. No one held a gun to your head and forced you to stand there and have your picture taken with the mock head, replete with blood. You made that choice. Now you can live with the consequences.

She can yell and scream that the Trumps are out to get her but I’ll tell you this. If someone had done that to me when my son was 12, my one mission from that moment on would be to make that person’s life miserable. There are just some things you don’t do and purposely taking action that can traumatize a child is one of them. So, screw you, Kathy Griffin. You made your bed, now lie down and wallow in it.

Here’s the thing. I have no doubt Griffin wants to use this to try to smear the Trumps as much as she can. But it is also a smoke screen. How long until we see that she and CNN have either come to some sort of “understanding” or she files suit against them for wrongful termination? Is there anyone else thinking this has all been a move to make sure she doesn’t lose any bookings or endorsements or other income opportunities because she fucked up?

Quit playing the victim, Griffin. You knew what you were doing. Now you need to pay the consequences.


  1. Griffin was absolutely trying to score shock points. To me, that’s a sign of somebody who is desperate to remain relevant. She’s not content to be a mere comedian. She has to be politically current too, lest the short attention span of the Progressive cognoscenti wander elsewhere. Thus, the bloody Trump head. Which nobody thought was funny — except the hard-core Left who delighted in what Griffin did. So now, like Margaret Cho, Griffin will have to settle for being a darling of the hard-core Left. Which can and does provide a person with a living. But nobody else in America will forget. And precious few will forgive.

    1. I agree, Brad. Add to that her comments several months ago when she said she was going to target 12-year-old Barron and it is clear she doesn’t think a line exists that applies to her. She can’t disappear from the scene quickly enough for me.

  2. Self-inflicted wound.
    She loaded the metaphorical gun.
    She aimed it at her foot.
    She pulled the trigger.
    And now she complains about the pain in her foot?
    No sympathy.

      1. It could be argued she shot herself in the @–, but that would still be a bit low for… finality.

  3. She’s apparently been getting death threats. I don’t think that should be happening. But the loss of jobs, the disgusted reactions to her ‘joke’, and social media back lash, those things are well deserved.

    After the Daniel Pearl video and all the subsequent Daesh videos that have been released, it takes a really sick f*ck to think such a thing would be funny.

    1. I agree. If she truly is getting death threats, those need to stop. But the rest of it, as I’ve said before, Karma’s a bitch.

      Still, I find it hard to have any sympathy for her. In November or December, she said in an interview to Vulture that she was going after Barron Trump. She had no problem with targeting a child. That puts her as one of the lowest of low in my book. Add in the association with what she did to the fates of Pearl and so many others and she well and truly stepped over the line.

  4. Unfortunately, when I hear of a Liberal getting “death threats”, I wonder if the Liberal is telling the truth. 🙁

  5. Yeah, Kathy Griffin lost everything: She lost her mind, she lost her position, she lost her bookings, she lost her fans.

    But you know who won? Squatty Potty. Until three days ago I didn’t know who they were.

    I bet today their phone is ringing off the hook.

  6. “Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.”

    I have very little pity for Griffin. I used to be somewhat amused by her gossipy, D-list, desperation act. Lately that act hasn’t been paying the bills, I guess. Since her typical bread and butter hasn’t been working for her lately, she’s done what most leftists do, and that is veer to the extreme left.

    She went Full Stupid. And she won her stupid prize: The end of her career.

    On the bright side, she won’t have to report that prize to the IRS.

    1. Yep. It didn’t surprise me to see Jim Carrey coming out in support of what she did. He’s another one who has shot himself in the foot, figuratively speaking, with how he came out against guns after one of his movies.

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