HWA does what SFWA has yet to do

Just saw this and wanted to point it out.

I’m very pleased to say that the HWA Referendum that I help write with fellow members A.J. Klein and Michaelbrent Collings on including self-published work for membership qualification for both Active and Associate members has passed with a 70% to 28% margin in favor, with 2% abstaining from the vote.

Self-publishers who have generated $2000 in earnings within two years of initial publication date can qualify for Active (voting) status.  Those who have earned $200 within two years of initial publication date can qualify for Associate status.  More details can be found at  http://horror.org/joining-the-hwa/  (please note the criteria have not yet been updated).

Let me be the first to welcome the HWA to the 21st century!

While the HWA website hasn’t been updated, the announcement is already causing consternation on the interwebs. I’ve seen at least one author having conniption fits about how this is just soooo wrong. How dare HWA consider anyone a “professional” writer if they haven’t landed a “real” publishing contract. To which I say, look at my royalty payments as well as so many other indies. Publishing is changing and there are any number of roads to “pro” status. It’s time for those who refuse to accept that to open their eyes or step aside before they are rolled over.

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