How will the Democrats respond to Cuomo findings?

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This is turning into my day for political blogs, but this is important. The NY State Attorney General released the findings of the investigation into allegations that Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed a number of women over the course of his time in office. Cuomo has continually denied the allegations and, for the whole, Dems have taken a wait-and-see attitude (unlike what they did with Justice Kavanaugh. So what will they do now? More specifically, how will President Biden react in the face of these findings and in light of Biden’s earlier comment that Cuomo should resign if the allegations were upheld in the investigation.

Remember, the Democrats have long proclaimed they are the party to protect women’s rights. They were quick to jump onto the bandwagon of condemning Trump for his behavior toward women. They tried to crucify Justice Kavanaugh over spurious allegations from decades ago. Yet, they have remained eerily quiet concerning Cuomo’s allegations.

Now we have a Democratic attorney general presenting a 165-page report detailing the findings against Cuomo. They range from creating a a hostile work environment to sexually harassing at least 11 women to trying to retaliate against a former employee who spoke out against him.

What we haven’t heard is a response from the governor or from pretty much anyone else yet.

Can you imagine how the media and politicians everywhere would be crying for Cuomo’s head if he happened to belong to the Republican party?

It will be interesting to see how the next 24 to 48 hours play out.

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  1. Some cynics have said that the only reason this is coming out is that the DNC doesn’t want Cuomo running against Biden or Harris in the next Presidential Race. 😉

  2. Yeah, I’m kind of wishing I had the sense to write something clever about my confidence in Biden’s character.

    I have absolutely nothing to say that you haven’t already lined out, much better than I would bother to do.

  3. That makes a certain amount of sense.

    But is Harris together enough to be arranging oppo drops on competition?

    Does Professor Edith really think she can nurse Joe along long enough to fraud in during 2024? Does she think she will be allowed to?

    Sinema’s actions would make sense, if she was trying to broker herself into the White House.

    I had figured that the oppo drops on female candidates in 2020 was HRC.

    I think there are too many ambitious optimists in DC to, as an oppo drop, trace this to any one of them.

  4. Oops. Meant the 12:38 comment as a reply to Paul’s comment of 12:19. I forgot that I had had javascript off.

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