First off, I want to thank everyone who’s already bought Nocturnal Origins and I hope you’ve enjoyed it.  I’d appreciate it if you’d consider posting reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

This next bit is where I need your help.  Promotion is not my strong suit and it is something every author has to do.  Part of what someone suggested  — yes, Sarah, you know I’m talking about you — is for me to do a blog tour.  So, here’s the big question and favor.  If you know of a blog, or blogs, that might be good ones for me to approach about doing a guest blog, leave a comment here or on facebook.  If you have a blog you’d consider letting me do a guest post on, let me know.  I promise I’m housebroken and I won’t leave too big of a mess behind when I leave.



  1. Well, Shiny Book Review is going to have a review up soon. I could drop a mention of it over at my site as well. Maybe over at Darwin’s Evolutions too?

  2. Not a blog but a web forum – Patricia Briggs has Hurog, which a section on speculative fiction, which lists many authors. Alas, you are not yet among them. But you could join, and perhaps post and comment on your work. If that is at all helpful.

    John Scalzi’s blog ran a thread on other writer’s blogs on March 23, 2011. You could make a comment there also.

    Wizardbear (aka Joseph)

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, WB. I’ll wander over to Hurog and look around. I read Scalzi pretty regularly, but have slacked off this week because of work and a fit of writing.

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