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My heart bleeds again for Great Britain. Twice in two weeks, it has been the target of terrorist attacks. Innocents in soft targets were injured and killed. That, by itself, is bad enough and should bring the condemnation of the world down on the heads of those responsible — and not just the individuals who drove the van into the crowd or those who stabbed and slashed the victims. Those who either “inspired” them or who gave them their orders need to be sought out and punished as well.

What is truly terrible, however, is the rhetoric coming from those who still refuse to accept the election results. According to them, what happened in Great Britain is all Trump’s fault. Or, if not his, it is the fault of those who want to increase security at border crossings. Or those who believe we have the right to bear arms. Or the fault of the white, male, Christian patriarchy because of whatever.

Sorry, grow the fuck up. The fault lies with zealots who kill in the name of religion simply because those they are “fighting” won’t adhere to their rules and so-called mores.

Yesterday, I saw someone on Facebook trying to equate what is happening now with ISIL and other organizations like it to the IRA. Sure, the IRA for years fought the British government. It, as well as more militant Irish “freedom fighters” used terror tactics to gain Irish Independence. But see, that’s the difference. The IRA and organizations like it were fighting for freedom of their country.

The last I looked, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and all the other countries in the Middle Easter were free. Great Britain doesn’t hold them as territories or provinces, nor does the U.S., Germany, France or any of the other countries where they have launched terrorist attacks.

Why have they targeted these countries? Because the countries have not stood in the shadows and let them terrorize their own populace. They have not let them roll over our borders to terrorize our citizenry. But they also do it because they know, or they at least believe, we are too weak to actually finally draw that line in the sand and, once it’s crossed, wipe them off the face of the earth.

I have no doubt we will see attacks here on our soil, attacks similar to what France and Great Britain have seen. Why haven’t we seen them before now? Quite possibly because the U.S. still has an armed citizenry — not to mention police force. That makes our targets a little harder to attack.

Don’t believe me, look at what happened in Great Britain over the weekend. The terrorists attacked using a van they drove into the crowds and then they attacked with knives. For the last several years, there has been an active campaign in Britain to “Surrender your knife, save a life”. There’s a website by that name and certain knives have been banned. There was even a push — not sure how successful it eventually was — to ban certain kitchen knives because some chefs said there was no real need for them. All this in an attempt to lower crime in a country that already made the ownership of handguns next to impossible.

The thought behind the campaign is similar to that we see in the anti-gun campaigns. If you make a weapon illegal, it will lower crime. No, all it does is take a means of self-defense out of the hands of potential victims. The bad guys don’t care if a weapon is illegal or not. In fact, it’s better if it is because then the likelihood of their next target having one as a means of defending himself is lower.

But that’s not what this post is about. The simple truth of the matter is we have to wake up and realize that the terrorists who attack in “the name of Allah” don’t really care about Islam. They care about their perverted form of it and everyone who does not bow down to it is an enemy to be destroyed. We can’t play be the rules of civilized warfare because they most certainly won’t and don’t.

Can you imagine the uproar had our side attacked a concert or local entertainment district?

It is time to understand war isn’t won by rules and playing nice. War is won by taking the fight to the enemy and pounding away until they surrender or are dead. It won’t be bloodless and it won’t be without innocents being injured or killed. I don’t like and none of us should. But when the enemy hides in the middle of innocents because they know we won’t attack, what choice do we have?

No, I am no advocating the wholesale slaughter of everyone who believes in Islam. The majority of those who do are are angry and upset about what has been happening in the name of “Allah” as we are. But every belief — be it political or religious — has zealots. Some go further over the line than others. ISIL and the like have gone over the line and into the next playing arena. It is time we stopped waiting for the next shoe to drop. It is time for us to band together and take the fight to them.

We have to get out of the mindset that we will send in a few thousand troops, push them back a bit and then withdraw. That’s now how you win the war. That’s a skirmish, possibly a battle but not the war. Or do we have to wait until the U.S. suffers a horrible attack on mainland soil to shake us out of our complacency?



  1. I only wonder (…) what will the politicians do when, despite them and all they say, the people declare, “Enough! This shall not go on!”?

  2. I saw May said something to the effect that they would no longer tolerate Islamic extremism. The first thing that came to my mind was, ‘Maybe you should have put a stop to that several years ago when you found out immigrants were running a sex trafficking operation with underage girls, instead of being afraid to offend their delicate religious sensibilities.’

    And we have seen attacks like this in the US. It wasn’t that long ago some guy put bombs in NYC (Sept. 2016), the Orlando Nightclub shooting (June 2016) and the San Bernadino attack (Dec. 2015).

    And yes, what these terrorists want is to push us into an over-reaction so they can gain sympathy and supporters. Trouble is, I don’t think they really understand what a true over-reaction would look like. They are taunting the Europeans because they appear to be weak, but have forgotten that these are the people that turned genocide from a hit and miss military campaign into an industrial process.

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