First of the “specials” is done!

Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday, but I was up to my eyeballs with work and other requirements on my time. But I am really stoked right now. I just finished the first of the free stories I’ll be giving away to folks who sign up for my newsletter or who follow the link that will be added to those books to my BookFunnel sight. It’s an origin story–pardon the unintended pun–for Nocturnal Origins. As soon as I get it back from my alpha reader and see what they have to say, I’ll get it ready to post. I can’t wait for you to read it.

I had a blast writing this story. Of course, with Myrtle being Myrtle the Evil Muse, I had to force her not to decide it needed to be a novella or full-length novel. I did so, but not without some tussling with the Evil One. That said, it was a lot of fun going back to Mac in the early days. She has really come a long way since I first started writing her books.

One thing I should probably tell everyone, the story will remain an exclusive for those who follow the link or who sign up for the newsletter for at least a year and probably longer. This is my way of saying thank you to everyone who has read Mac’s stories and loved them as much as I’ve loved writing them.

Here’s a cover mockup. The title isn’t set in stone yet and the cover itself is exactly what I said: a mockup. It will be fixed and tweaked and all the other things that going into make a good cover before I upload it to BookFunnel.

Until later!

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