First full draft done!

Nocturnal Revelation is in the can. Well, it might be in the can but the lid isn’t on and it certainly isn’t sealed. The draft is finished. This morning, I’ve been looking at my scribbled notes here and there, usually on very small pieces of paper, and trying to make sense of them. Once I’ve pulled them all together, I’ll put them into some sort of order so I can refer to them in the edits round. Then the book goes off to beta readers.

I’ve commented before that I am a cross between a panther and a plotter. This book was about 50-50. I knew the general plot line. Notes on it were made, etc. But the finer details, a lot of the twists and turns, well, they came along as I wrote. Because of that, there are some things that have to be made consistent, not only within the book but within the series.

Then there was the fact Myrtle the Evil Muse didn’t tell me who the hell the bad guy was until I had to do the big reveal. While that isn’t a fatal problem, it means I have to make sure the bread crumbs have been laid, along with some red herrings, Then there’s some of the background detail that needs to go in and that I missed on the first draft.

That’s been what I’ve been working on this morning, and what I will soon be getting back to. It includes rereading a portion of Nocturnal Rebellion to make sure I’m not changing canon in the series. If Myrtle led me down the wrong path, I have an alternate in mind that will work. But, just to make sure I don’t forget, I need to make my notes. This time, however, the notes are going to be a bit more fleshed out and added to my digital writing file so I don’t lose them.

That means I need to start looking seriously as cover design, not only for this new book but for the other books in the series. I’ll also be updating keywords, tags and possibly blurbs.

Gawd, I hate adulting. Why can’t I just write and have someone else do this stuff for me?

Oh, that’s right, because I’d have to pay them and too many folks who say they know what they are doing along those lines don’t have a clue.

In the meantime, I’ll keep plugging away on the book, making my notes and starting the edits. The next book in the queue will probably be Magic Rising, set in the Eerie Side of the Tracks universe. I need to reread Sword of Arelion and Dagger of Elanna before writing the third book in that series (although I have the rough outline done). Then it is back to Ashlyn Shaw and company and the next book in the Honor & Duty series.

For now, I need to make sure Mac and Company are moving along for a Feb. release and that means getting back to work.

Until later.


      1. LOL. I’m nor sure it will be fooled.

        Actually, my notes have been input and printed out, the draft has been printed out and put into a notebook. In a little over an hour, I’m heading out to my local hiding spot to do some old fashioned pen and paper editing.

  1. I am most pleased in your progress. I was starting to get concerned what with all the multitude of distractions life has thrown your way.

    1. Thanks, Uncle Lar. It’s been hard the last five months or so. But, I just got home from a couple of hours away in my secret coffee spot and figured how to deal with a couple of editorial questions/notes I’d made. So I’m feeling good.

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