Fingers Crossed

Fingers crossed that everything has gone all right and the blog has successfully migrated to the new host. To say the last few days have been interesting is putting it mildly. But I did decide on a new webhost–Siteground–and spent more time than I would have liked making sure the blog and main site were transferred over. In the process, I realized I had several other sites that have gone dormant that needed to be dealt with as well. Now to decide whether to transfer the domain registrations over of leave them where they are.

Now for the pimping of Siteground. I don’t normally do this, but these guys have been exceptional, especially considering it was a holiday weekend. It started with their sale. Which is still going on. 80% off for a year. Oh, and add in free migration–that they will handle for you if you ask them to. Not that it is really necessary unless you are moving a large site (like this blog) and have a host that hides the memory coding to keep you from messing with it.

So, after spending too many hours trying to migrate this site on my own, I asked the tech guys at Siteground to do it. Within 15-20 minutes I got a confirmation email that they were working on it. An hour or so later, I got confirmation that they had migrated the site. Along with the confirmation came a detailed list of other things to do or consider doing, including setting up and/or transferring email accounts. There were instructions on how to do it all and links to more detailed instructions and videos if needed.

My main site, which isn’t nearly as memory heavy as this one I transferred on my own using the SG Migrator plug-in for WordPress sites. OMG, it was easy. You add it to your WP site, grab the right key code from your SG site and plug that into the dialog box. Then you press the button and wait. That site migrated in less than 10 minutes or so. No muss and no fuss.

Now I need to combine the two sites and point the main site URL here. Trying to keep up with two sites is more than I want to have to keep doing. As for the other, dormant sites, I’m going to kill them but keep the domain registrations alive for later use.

So what’s next?

I have to make sure the sites didn’t get screwed up any in the transfer. It happens and it won’t be a deal breaker for me if it did. Then it is time to get back to regular blogging and writing. Along those lines, I did a major cleanup and reorganization of my desk yesterday. The desk was fine if I was using a monitor on a stand. But I do all my writing on laptops these days and that meant after a few hours, my back and neck were killing me. I hadn’t really realized how much it was impacting me until last week and I felt like someone had my back, neck and shoulders in a vise and was continuing to increase the pressure.

The solution?

I ordered a laptop stand that lets me adjust the height and angle. This is the one I chose. I’ll admit, I was surprised by how well built it is. Not only does it weigh enough to keep it from skittering across the desktop if one of the cats happens to jump up and rub against it, but the joints are stiff. That means it stays where I set it and doesn’t slowly lower back to the desktop. And, yes, I’ve had one do that before which is why I hesitated taking this step to begin with.

That was step one. Step two was reorganizing the desktop. I got rid of the rise across the back of the desktop where I kept the external monitor, desk lamp and other things–like the gaming laptop, the Macbook Air and the external hard drives. The external monitor sits on feet that makes it tall enough it doesn’t really need the riser. The other machines now have a spot on a worktable next to the desk. The external drives rest on the corner of the desktop–and woo be unto the cat who knocks them off and makes me get down on hands and knees to find them.

Now, that’s not to say I haven’t rearranged things again this morning. I realized I had the monitor and the laptop on the wrong sides. So, before sitting down to get to work this morning, I switched them and it works better than the original setup.

I guess that means I should end this post and get to work. For the first time in weeks, I’m looking forward to writing because I know I’m not going to feel like I’ve been beaten about the head and shoulders by the time I finish for the day.

Until later!

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